Tips for Choosing Activated Carbon Filtration


If the activated carbon filter is required to be used as a high-efficiency filter in a high-humidity and high-temperature environment, filter paper, partitions, and frame materials that are resistant to high temperature and high humidity must be selected to meet production requirements. If the working environment is located in a biological clean room or a medical clean room, a filter with a metal frame must be selected, and its surface must not be easily rusted. Filters with a wooden frame are not allowed to prevent bacteria from being produced and affect the pass rate of the product. Activated carbon filter instructions: 1. Equipment selection Before selection, the basic parameters such as system name, influent water quality, effluent water quality, system pressure and degree of automation must be clarified.

2. Equipment installation ① Install the water collection system and open the upper cover (or upper flange cover). ②Remove the water distribution system. ③Put the washed large gravel and small gravel (that is, the supporting layer) into the filter in turn.

④ Load the cleaned activated carbon (that is, the filter material layer). ⑤ Install the upper cover (or the upper flange cover) and the corresponding sealing ring, and tighten (or tighten the fixing bolts). ⑥ Connect the operating system pipeline and other corresponding connectors.

Note: The sealing rings between the upper cover (or the upper flange cover), the water distribution system, the water collection system and the cylinder must be installed correctly to avoid water leakage at the joint. 3. Equipment use ① Turn on the main power supply, the power indicator light is on, and at the same time, check to make sure that the water inlet valve is opened normally and the water inlet pump is running normally. The water inlet tank is above the medium liquid level.

②Operation a. Open the upper inlet valve V2, the lower drain valve V5 and the inlet valve V1 of the activated carbon filter. b. Start the inlet pump. When water comes out from the lower drain valve V5, adjust the water flow to the rated value.

When the outlet water is clear, open the outlet valve V7 and close the lower drain valve V5 to send water to the subsequent equipment. ③Backwash When the activated carbon filter runs for a long time, the pressure difference of its outlet water increases. When the pressure difference of the filter increases by 0.05-0.07Mpa, the equipment needs to be backwashed. a. Open the lower water inlet valve V4 and water inlet valve V1, and the upper water discharge valve V3.

b. Start the water inlet pump and adjust the water inlet valve V1 to make the water inlet as large as possible. The backwashing time is about 20-45 minutes. Then turn off the water inlet pump and close all valves.

④Positive washing After each backwashing, positive washing is required. a. Open the upper water inlet valve V2 and water inlet valve V1, and the lower water discharge valve V5. b. Start the water intake pump, adjust the water intake valve V1, and control the water intake to the normal water volume.

Main technical parameters of activated carbon filter: Working pressure: 0.05MPa~0.6MPa Working temperature: 5°C~40°C (special temperature can be customized) Stand-alone flow rate: 0.5 m/h ~125 m/h Operation mode: manual or automatic control Product specifications : ф173~ф3500 Filtration speed: 5m/h~12m/h, maximum 15m/h Simplified material: 304, 316L, Q235 rubber lined or coated with epoxy. The washing time is about 15-30 minutes, until the drain water is clear, and then close Inlet pump, close all valves. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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