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The working principle of the sand cylinder and the problems that should be paid attention to in use?


Sand tank is an indispensable equipment in swimming pool water treatment equipment. It mainly performs physical treatment on swimming pool water. There are three types of common sand tanks: top sand tank, side discharge sand tank and horizontal sand tank. Its classification is mainly determined according to the amount of water in and out, while considering the floor area of ​​the sand tank. Working principle of sand tank: Yelan LTPA-MM series sand tank filter uses special filter sand to eliminate tiny dirt in the pool.

Filter sand is used as a medium for removing dirt and is packed in the cavity of the filter. In normal working condition, the pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pumped into the filter pipeline, and then guided by the control switch to the water outlet of the filter. The water passes through the filter, and the microscopic dirt is captured by the sand bed and filtered out.

The sand tank generally has a water inlet, a water outlet, a backwash water inlet and a drain, etc. There is a filter material in the sand tank. The common material of the filter material is quartz sand. The quartz sand can be divided into different types according to the particle diameter. When filling , the filter material is filled directly from large to small according to the particles. When using the sand tank, you need to pay attention to the following issues: 1. Backwashing of the sand tank Backwashing of the sand tank is to remove the impurities deposited in the sand tank. Generally, when the water treatment effect of the sand tank is not good, it needs to be cleaned The sand tank is backwashed. When the sand tank is backwashed, the time and speed of backwashing should be controlled to avoid taking away the filter material during backwashing. 2. Replacement of sand tank filter material The water treatment effect will gradually decrease after long-term use of the filter material. When the filter material cannot meet the water treatment requirements, the filter material needs to be replaced. The filter material needs to be provided by a special manufacturer and a specific filter material should be selected , Do not replace the filter material components casually.

3. The pipeline of the sand tank is connected to the water inlet and outlet of the sand tank and the backwash water port. It has complicated pipeline connections. When operating and using, it is necessary to understand the corresponding use method of this set of equipment in detail and control the valve reasonably. In order to avoid operating errors, The valve can be numbered and operated according to the corresponding operation guide. The body of the sand cylinder is made of fiberglass, stainless steel, plastic, carbon steel and other materials. Sand tanks have different diameters, and their ability to deal with water quality varies. In actual selection, it is necessary to combine the space size of the entire equipment room, coordinate with other swimming pool equipment to use the equipment room, and make reasonable use of the space.

The advantages of the stainless steel sand tank: 1. The stainless steel sand tank is not bad forever, and the effective service life is at least 50 years. The life of the glass fiber sand tank is 5 years; 2. The stainless steel sand tank is very environmentally friendly and will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality. The glass fiber sand tank will slowly dissolve, causing secondary pollution to the water quality, and the glass fiber dissolved in water will cause serious damage to the human body, and is a strong irritant and a strong carcinogen.

The use of glass fiber sand tanks has been banned in developed countries; 3. Stainless steel sand tanks are very corrosion-resistant and are the necessary filter equipment for mariculture and aquariums, while glass fiber sand tanks cannot be used for this purpose; 4. The effectiveness of stainless steel sand tanks The temperature resistance can exceed 300 degrees, while the temperature resistance of the glass fiber sand tank is only 43 degrees; therefore, it is the preferred filter equipment for hot springs; 5. The surface of the stainless steel filter sand tank is smooth and the texture is excellent, which can effectively improve the grade of swimming pool equipment; 6. Stainless steel sand tank The cylinder can be customized for any flow rate equipment. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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