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The use of the sand filter and the function description of the multi-way valve


Use of the filter sand tank 1. Check to make sure that the connected objects of the sand tank filter and the power supply of the water pump are safely connected; 2. Press down the handle of the control valve and turn it to the "BACKWASH backwash" position (to prevent damage to the seal ring of the switch, turn must be pressed before pressing the handle). 3. Make sure that the water pump body of the swimming pool equipment is full of water, start the pump (to ensure that the water suction and return pipes are unblocked), the filter can be filled with water in advance, once the water flows into continuous sewage, the water pump will continue to run for 4 minutes; 4 .Turn off the water pump, turn the control valve handle to the "RINSE flushing" position, start the water pump until the observation bottle becomes clear water and keep it for 1 minute, turn off the water pump, turn the control valve to the "FILTER filter" position, restart the water pump, now the filter In normal operation, it filters out the dirt from the pool water. 5. Adjust the water suction and return valves of the swimming pool to meet the required water flow, and check the tightness and firmness of the piping system connections.

6. When the inside of the filter is clean, write down the reading of the pressure gauge (its change will depend on the entire piping system of the water pump), the filter removes the dirt from the pool, and the accumulated dirt will cause the pressure of the filter When the pressure rises, the water flow rate becomes smaller. When the reading of the pressure gauge is above 150Kpa, which is greater than its cleaning reading, the filter should be "backwashed". Function description of multi-way valve for sand tank filter 1. FILTER filter: normal filter to clean pool water. 2.BACKWASH backwash: discharge the dirt accumulated in the filter.

3. RINSE flushing: remove the dirt in the sewage pipe. 4. RECIPCULATE cycle: water circulation without filter. 5. WASTE sewage discharge: direct sewage without filtering.

6. CLOSED: Close the function in the filter. Note: Before changing the position of the valve switch, the pump must be stopped. Guangdong Boying Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in R&D, production and sales of environmental protection water treatment equipment. The company's products are mainly used in swimming pool filtration systems, reclaimed water reuse systems, rainwater collection systems, ultrafiltration systems, building water supply and drainage and HVAC system, the main products are: stainless steel sand cylinder, hair collector, ultraviolet sterilizer, carbon steel and stainless steel multi-media filter, reverse osmosis pure water unit, vacuum degasser, automatic water supply and exhaust constant pressure device , Pressure expansion tanks, various water supply equipment, various water treatment equipment, etc.

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