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The effect of swimming pool water treatment equipment on swimming pools


Nowadays, many people have built swimming pools and are unwilling to spend money on building circulating water treatment equipment for swimming pools. In fact, this idea is wrong. In fact, building this water treatment system has great significance for us: 1. It can greatly save water resources , to reduce waste of the entire swimming pool equipment circulation system, its water can be recycled, and now China's water resources are in a state of shortage, the water fee in big cities is relatively high, and the swimming pool requires a huge amount of water. If this kind of circulation is not used, then the daily waste The amount of water will be huge. Using this circulation system, it only needs to replenish about 20% of the lost water every month, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the swimming pool. In the long run, it will save a lot of expenses for the enterprise. 2. Reducing the degree of water pollution is conducive to environmental protection. my country's water resources are in short supply, especially fresh water resources are in a state of serious shortage. The water source of the swimming pool belongs to fresh water. If straight in and straight out is adopted, the polluted water will not be treated every day. , is directly discharged into the surrounding rivers, and if it continues for a long time, it will cause pollution to the rivers. Around the discharge of some bath water, the death of fish and shrimps can often be seen, which is mainly caused by the water in the bathhouses polluting the river. If water treatment is carried out, then we will discharge the water that meets the standard, which will not cause pollution to the river, which is conducive to the sustainable development of the ecological environment.

3. Keep the water in the entire swimming pool clean, which is beneficial to human health. The swimming pool water circulation system plays an important role in improving the water quality of the swimming pool. Its long-term circulation can keep the water quality of the swimming pool healthy for a long time. Unlike some bathhouses, the water is very cold when there are few people in the morning. It is clear, but at night, after a day of people's washing, the water becomes cloudy, which is very easy to cause various diseases. With this system, it is different. It not only keeps the water quality clear, but also has special swimming pool dosing equipment to improve water quality and kill bacteria in the swimming pool, which is beneficial to human health. From the above points, we can see that swimming pools need swimming pool water treatment equipment and a relatively complete water treatment circulation system, otherwise they will be eliminated, because we build swimming pools for healthy life, we not only for enjoying And to enjoy, but also to enjoy and be healthy.

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