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Requirements for swimming pool water treatment and filtration equipment


The purpose of the purification of swimming pool water treatment equipment is to enable swimmers to swim and exercise more clearly in the swimming pool, remove microorganisms and colloidal pollutants brought by swimmers from the circulating water, and improve the clarity of the pool water. Then the filtration, coagulation, adsorption, oxidation and disinfection technologies for swimming pool water treatment and filtration equipment will be widely used in the construction of swimming pool water treatment. Among swimming pool water treatment equipment, swimming pool water treatment and filtration equipment is in an absolutely important position among many swimming pool water treatment equipment. It should be subject to the purification requirements of the peak swimming load.

In order to maintain the normal use of the swimming pool, each swimming pool should be designed to operate with two or more filters at the same time. The swimming pool is out of use, which can bring excellent benefits to the operator. 2. If the swimming pool water treatment and filtration equipment works steadily, not only the pool water purification cannot be guaranteed when it is stopped, the pool water pollution particles will accumulate, the water quality will deteriorate, and the impurities trapped in the filter material layer are easy to solidify and affect the filtration effect. 24h continuous operation can overcome this disadvantage. Of course, in order to save energy, the filtration speed can be reduced at night.

However, during normal operation during the day, attention should also be paid to increasing the filtration rate slowly, because a sudden increase in the filtration rate will cause the trapped impurities in the sand layer to be washed into the pool. 3. The effluent water quality of swimming pool water treatment and filtration equipment should meet the corresponding national standards. At the same time, the filters of different swimming pools are set separately, which is beneficial to system management and maintenance, and can be used independently of each other. 4. The vertical pressure swimming pool filter is conducive to uniform water flow distribution and convenient operation, but it is inconvenient to transport when the diameter is too large, and it will also increase the height of the building, which is uneconomical.

5. The gravity swimming pool filter equipment is generally lower than the water surface of the swimming pool. For the downstream pool water circulation piping system, once the power is cut off, it may cause accidents such as overflow and submersion of the machine room. At the same time, because it is connected to the atmosphere, if it is used in a warm water swimming pool, the heat loss will be greater, so attention should be paid. Guangdong Boying Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in R&D, production and sales of environmental protection water treatment equipment. The company's products are mainly used in swimming pool filtration systems, reclaimed water reuse systems, rainwater collection systems, ultrafiltration systems, building water supply and drainage and HVAC system, the main products are: stainless steel sand cylinder, hair collector, ultraviolet sterilizer, carbon steel and stainless steel multi-media filter, reverse osmosis pure water unit, vacuum degasser, automatic water supply and exhaust constant pressure device , Pressure expansion tanks, various water supply equipment, various water treatment equipment, etc.

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