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Layout principles of swimming pool filters


In a set of swimming pool equipment, the filter is one of the most important equipment, and the filter can ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the swimming pool water. Swimming pool filters mainly include gravity filters and pressure filters. Today, Guangdong Boying Swimming Pool Equipment will introduce the layout principles of these two filters.

1. Principles of gravity filter layout: 1. Gravity filter equipment, such as fast filter, hydraulic clarifier, valveless filter, etc., was adopted in the Yangtze River area of ​​my country in the 1970s. The pool water is basically a straight-line water supply method, and most of them are used in outdoor open-air swimming pools. This has a certain positive effect on the development of mass swimming in the context of my country's economic development at that time, but because the used pool water has not been treated Discharging to rivers and rivers again obviously does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. After the reform and opening up, with the continuous and rapid development of the economy, such swimming pools have been transformed into swimming pool water supply systems with pool water circulation purification treatment systems, and some have been demolished due to urban construction planning needs.

The filter should have an equipment foundation 100mm above the ground of the machine room. 2. If gravity filter equipment lower than the water surface of the swimming pool is used in the design, the designer should take measures to prevent the equipment room from being submerged by the pool water due to sudden power failure. 2. Arrangement principles of pressure filters: 1. The filter equipment should be located close to the location of the circulating water pump.

In order to effectively operate the system and shorten the pipeline length of the circulating water pump and filter equipment as much as possible, it should also meet the requirement that the water flow time in the pipeline should not be less than 10s. At the same time, for the convenience of installation and maintenance, the net distance between the filter equipment and the building wall and between the filter and the filter shall not be less than 0.70m. generally not less than 0.8m. The operating surface of the filter equipment should face the transportation channel in the equipment room.

The width of the transportation channel and door opening should be no less than 100mm from the ground of the entire machine room to the height of the equipment foundation. 2. Quartz sand or anthracite, iron ore and other unit layers or double-layer or triple-layer pressure filters can generally be relatively concentrated to facilitate management and operation. 3. For the convenience of precoating, the diatomite filter unit generally consists of a circulating water pump, a diatomite filter and a diatomite solution tank to form a whole unit, so its layout should be based on the unit unit. The equipment is arranged according to the above-mentioned relevant spacing.

If the condition is limited, the circulating water pump can also be arranged separately, but the water pump should not be too far away from the other two equipment, otherwise it will bring inconvenience to the pre-coating film and equipment operation. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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