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The principle and characteristics of ozone reaction tank


The working principle of the ozone reaction tank is that ozone is inhaled by the ejector through the stainless steel pressurized pump, mixed into misty ozonated water and then pumped into the bottom of the mixing tower. Since the specific gravity of the misty ozone water is lighter than that of pure water, it will flow upward from the bottom. The new water injected at the top flows in reverse, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing. 1. Features of Boying ozone reaction tank: (1) Inhale while absorbing water, mix in the pressurized tower inside the pump, and have fine bubbles of 20-30 microns. (2) Gas-liquid dissolution has high efficiency, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

(3) The gas-liquid mixing device can replace booster pumps, air compressors, jets, aeration mixing towers, gas-water mixers and release heads, etc., and can overcome the problems of unstable operation and large bubbles churning of traditional devices. (4) Ozone water production devices can replace booster mixing pumps, ordinary single jets, large oxidation towers, etc., with a gas-liquid dissolution efficiency of over 90%, which is 1-2 times higher than that of a Venturi mixer, greatly reducing equipment Investment and operating costs. (5) Compared with the traditional aeration mixing tower, it is at least 80% higher, which is equivalent to the height of 20-30 meters of the ordinary aeration mixing tower.

Second, the performance characteristics of the ozone tank: 1. The joint is welded by high-frequency resistance seam welding to ensure that it is not easy to rust and leak. 2. Made of imported 304 stainless steel plate, no rust, no moss, easy to clean. 3. The fully enclosed structure can effectively prevent debris and insects from entering, and has a good environmental protection effect.

4. It is easy to install, just place it on the roof and connect it to the water pipe, and the water level can be automatically controlled. 3. The scope of application of the ozone reaction tank: 1. High-density temporary breeding in hotels and aquatic products markets. 2. Sewage treatment before wastewater discharge in aquatic product processing plants.

3. Industrialized recirculating aquaculture system treatment. 4. Seawater and freshwater aquaculture water treatment. 5. The life support system of the aquarium and aquatic biology laboratory.

6. It is used for water storage in civil buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. It is an ideal substitute for traditional cement pools and fiberglass pools. It is used in chemical, beverage, food, brewing, pure water, oil and other industries. Large swimming pools, water parks, massages Purification and filtration of pools and waterscape projects. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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