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The main technology of pure water ultrapure water preparation


Various impurities are common in natural water, and there are three types of ion exchange systems: it is a water treatment process that replaces various anions and cations in water through anion and cation exchange resins, and is currently used to prepare ultrapure water and high-purity water. One of the methods is widely used in the fields of pure water and ultrapure water preparation such as ultrapure water for electronics and electric power, ultrapure water for chemical industry and electroplating, boiler feed water and ultrapure water for medicine. At present, the process of deionized water can be roughly divided into 1. Pretreatment (ie, sand carbon filter + precision filter) + reverse osmosis + mixed bed process. This method is currently the most used, because the investment cost of reverse osmosis is not calculated High, it can remove 90% of the ions in the water, and the remaining ions are removed by mixed bed exchange, so that the conductivity of the water can be obtained: about 5-10us/cm. This is the more popular method at present.

2. Two-stage reverse osmosis is adopted, and the process is as follows: tap water→multi-media filter→activated carbon filter→water softener→intermediate water tank→low pressure pump→precision filter→first-stage reverse osmosis→PH adjustment→mixer→secondary Reverse osmosis (the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane is positively charged) → pure water tank → pure water pump → microporous filter → water point; Salt film blocks instead, so that instead of using acid and alkali to regenerate the resin, it is regenerated by electricity. The whole process is completely pollution-free, and the water quality after treatment can reach: above 15M. However, this method requires a lot of initial investment and low operating costs, so it needs to be invested according to the actual situation.

The process is as follows: raw water→multimedia filter→activated carbon filter→water softener→intermediate water tank→low pressure pump→PH value adjustment system→high efficiency mixer→precision filter→high efficiency reverse osmosis→intermediate water tank→EDI pump→EDI system →Microporous filter→Water point; At present, small ion exchange equipment often uses plexiglass exchange columns, which is conducive to observing the operation of the resin. Large-scale ion exchange equipment is made of carbon steel lined with epoxy resin or rubber, and a visual device is reserved in the middle to facilitate online observation of the water level of the regeneration solution during ion regeneration. Deionized water equipment has the following characteristics and performance: (1) The system runs automatically and fully, and the operation and maintenance are simple; (2) The water quality of the produced water is stable, and the resin regeneration cycle is long; (3) The investment in equipment is small, and the cost performance is high.

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