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The important role of the balance pool in swimming pool equipment


In order to make the circulating water pump of the swimming pool circulating water system of the countercurrent and mixed circulation modes work effectively, the pool set below the water surface of the swimming pool is called a balanced pool. Water volume; 2. Accommodate the amount of water squeezed out by swimmers entering the swimming pool and the amount of water replenished from the swimming pool, stabilize the water level and save water resources; 3. Store the water required for backwashing pool water filtration equipment for swimming pool equipment; 4. Store and start circulating water for swimming pool equipment The amount of water required by the system. 1. The location of the balancing pool The location of the balancing pool should be as close as possible to the swimming pool it serves; if the balancing pool is shared by several water amusement pools, it should be as close to the center as possible. The intent is to minimize the length of the pool equipment overflow return pipe.

2. The structure of the balance pool The structure of the balance pool and the determination of the water level should abide by the following principles: 1. For the water supply of the swimming pool and the water supply pipe for initial or refilling, a swimming pool equipment program solenoid valve or fixed water level that can control multiple water levels should be selected. Float valve water supply device. Because the balance pool has multiple functions such as adjusting the amount of floating water, storing the amount of water for backwashing of the filter, and the amount of water required for the start-up of the swimming pool water circulation system. Therefore, its replenishment water level can not be judged by the highest water level V of the swimming pool equipment. It should be that the second water level V is that the replenishment pipe valve is opened to replenish water, and the second water level Vb is that the water replenishment pipe valve is closed to stop replenishing water in the pool.

The diameter of the water supply pipe should be calculated and determined according to the time required for the initial filling of the swimming pool equipment. When the height between the nozzle bottom of the water supply pipe and the highest water in the pool is less than 2.5 times the diameter of the water supply pipe, the water supply pipe must be installed with a backflow preventer or other anti-pollution distance measures; 2. The balanced pool should be made of reinforced concrete, and its inner wall Corrosion-resistant tiles or various composite materials should be lined, or Xujuhang corrosion paint, but the water quality in the pool must not be polluted again. If it is a small swimming pool equipment, other materials can be used, such as glass Li, gold moon board, etc. for assembly or welding. However, it should be ensured that the water tank is firm, non-deformable, impermeable, and corrosion-resistant.

3. The balance pool should be equipped with maintenance inlet, swimming pool overflow return water inlet pipe, water replenishment water inlet pipe, overflow pipe with insect net, drain pipe and ventilation pipe, and water pump suction pit. The requirement of a height of 400mm from the suction port of the circulating water pump of the swimming pool equipment to the minimum water level Vd is to ensure the normal operation of the circulating water system of the swimming pool equipment, that is, to prevent the water surface from being sucked into a funnel shape by the pump, which will cause the pump to absorb water and carry air, which will affect the swimming pool. Equipment pump power and pump service life, this data comes from foreign data. This is why it is required to set up a suction pit in order not to increase the depth of the entire pool and to avoid the deepening of the saddle to form a dead water area in the pool, so as to reduce the cost.

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