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The importance of filtering sand tanks in swimming pool water treatment projects


The water treatment requirements in the swimming pool project are not too high. Physically, the water quality is required to be clear, the turbidity should be below 2 degrees, and there should be no green algae. In terms of chemical properties, it is only required that the soluble salts meet the standard. These salts include ammonia nitrogen, copper sulfate (an agent used to kill algae), residual chlorine, urea, etc.

At the same time, the pH of the swimming pool water is required to be kept within a standard range, and the number of bacteria per unit volume is below a standard number. The most important equipment in the swimming pool water treatment project is the filter sand tank. It is a container for removing suspended solids in water with quartz sand material.

When it is applied to the swimming pool water treatment project, it can easily remove physical impurities such as hair, dander, and formed green algae in the water. If the water contains a lot of iron ions, the method of prefabricating flocculants can be used to combine iron ions and flocculants to form flocculent sediments, and then pass through the filter sand tank to filter and remove iron ions perfectly. Features of the filter sand tank: The filter sand tank is a pressure vessel when it is working.

It requires a considerable pressure difference between the incoming and outgoing water to have sufficient pressure to move the water through the sand. When the dirt on the sand layer accumulates to a certain extent, it will increase the resistance to the water flow, and the result is that the water flow is significantly reduced. In order to make the sand filter tank more effective, we must backwash it regularly.

Drain the dirt on the sand layer in time. Another very important method is to use a water pump with a filter basket. It can filter out relatively large debris such as hair in the water before the water reaches the filter sand tank.

If the temperature of the sauna water exceeds 45 degrees, Poying recommends that you use a stainless steel pump or a fluorine-lined iron pump in the pump casing. Of course, considering both the flow rate and the head, the water pump should be in the category of centrifugal pump. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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