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Design process parameters and installation instructions of iron and manganese filter


Groundwater often contains excessive iron and manganese, and drinking water with high iron and manganese content for a long time is not good for the human body. When the iron content in the water is high, the water has an iron smell, which affects the taste of the water. It is used as production water for papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and leather, which will reduce the quality of the product; washing clothes will appear yellow or brown spots; The deposits can grow iron bacteria, clog pipes and sometimes cause red water. The problems that occur in water with higher manganese content are similar to those with higher iron content, and in the industrial field, excessive iron and manganese content in water will corrode the equipment to a certain extent and shorten the service life of the equipment.

According to my country's drinking water quality standards, all drinking water with an iron content greater than 0.3 mg/L and a manganese content greater than 0.1 mg/L must undergo purification treatment. Iron and manganese removal equipment is mainly used in groundwater with high iron, and the treated water in high manganese areas meets the national drinking water standards. Iron and manganese removal water purification equipment can be made of carbon steel, glass steel, stainless steel and other materials according to the needs of users, and natural manganese sand and quartz sand are used as filter media to make the underground raw water fully meet the national drinking water standard after treatment. It has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, high work efficiency, good water purification effect, etc., and all automatic control is adopted in the pumping purification and use.

It is widely used in domestic water and industrial water treatment with groundwater as water source in pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. 1. Working principle of iron and manganese removal equipment: This equipment uses natural manganese sand as the filter medium. The principle of iron removal is that ferric ions in groundwater, after being aerated, flow through the filter layer and are adsorbed by the biofilm covering the surface of the filter material, oxidized by dissolved oxygen under the action of catalysis, and adsorbed on the filter layer. On the material, the oxides of ferric iron generated by oxidation, as a new filter membrane, participate in a new catalytic reaction, and the excess oxides are washed away after the produced water runs for a cycle of backwashing.

The principle of manganese removal is the same as above. Due to the principle of ion selective absorption, the filter layer first removes iron and then removes manganese. Under the condition that the pH value is equal to 6.8-7.2, Fe (OH) 3 is colloidal coagulation and precipitation, which can be removed by filtration.

When the iron-bearing groundwater is filtered through the natural manganese sand filter layer, the manganese sand filter layer has two functions on the iron in the water: 1. Catalysis and oxidation, accelerating the oxidation of divalent iron in water to ferric iron. 2. Interception and separation, which separates iron from water and retains it in the filter layer. These two functions are generally completed simultaneously in the manganese sand filter layer. 2. Process flow of iron and manganese removal equipment: 1. When the iron concentration in the groundwater is 5~10mg/l, the manganese concentration is 1~ 2mg/l, or when the groundwater only contains iron but no manganese, and when the iron concentration is around 10mg/l, aeration—single-stage iron and manganese removal filter can be used.

Technological process: groundwater→deep well pump→aeration device→water tank→booster pump→manganese sand filter→reservoir→water unit. 2. If the iron and manganese content in the groundwater is high, that is, when the iron is greater than 10mg/l and the manganese is greater than 2mg/l, it is advisable to use aeration-two-stage iron and manganese removal filtration. Process flow: Groundwater→deep well pump→aeration device→water tank→filter pump→first-stage iron and manganese removal filter device→secondary iron and manganese removal device→reservoir→water unit Groundwater iron and manganese removal device is mainly used Groundwater high-iron and high-manganese areas are used to solve the problem of using groundwater as the water source and need to remove iron and manganese. The equipment adopts the principle of oxidation, iron and manganese removal, and uses oxygen in the air to oxidize Fe2+ and Mn2+ in water into water-insoluble Fe3+ and MnO2, combined with natural manganese sand filler in the device to remove iron and manganese ions in water.

The iron and manganese oxidation reaction formula is as follows: iron oxidation: air: 4 Fe2+ ​​+3O2 +6H2O=4Fe(OH)3 Manganese sand: MnO·Mn2O7+4 Fe2++2O2+6H2O=3 MnO2+4Fe(OH)3. Manganese oxide: Mn2++ O2= MnO2 Manganese sand Mn2++ MnO2·H2O= MnO2·MnOH2O+2H+ 3. Features of iron and manganese removal filter 1. The aeration part does not need to add chemicals and catalysts, only a small amount of air is added, which can reduce operating costs. 2. The main part of the equipment is a device that integrates strong oxidation reaction, separation desand remover, group suspension tank and other processes, with a unique structure.

3. Filter part: Since the filter is equipped with its own backwashing device, it does not need to be equipped with a backwashing water pump, which can reduce the project's land occupation and investment. 4. The backwashing intensity of the pressure filter is high, so that the filter layer is washed evenly and cleanly, the backwashing time is short, the filtration cycle is long, and the service life of the filter material is extended. 5. The equipment can directly supply water to users and pipe networks, without the need for clear water tanks and secondary pumping stations, reducing equipment investment and avoiding secondary pollution.

4. Technical performance of iron and manganese filter Air-water mixing time: 3-5 minutes; filter speed, 0-14 m/h; backwash intensity, 16-18 liters/square meter second; filter layer thickness: 1.0- 1.2 meters; inlet pressure ≥ 0.06Mpa, equipment withstand pressure: 0.06-0.3 Mpa, 0.3-0.6 Mpa, 0.6-1.0 Mpa. Scope of application: Feed iron<20 mg/L, Manganese<10 mg/L, effluent<0.3 mg/L, Manganese<0.1 mg/L. 5. Technical requirements for installation and operation methods for commissioning and operation Selection of water pumps (A) The water volume should be selected according to the water production volume of the equipment. (B) Pump head: The depth of the water pump plus the water supply height plus ten meters equals the total head.

The equipment should be installed indoors, and heating facilities should be added in northern areas. The concrete foundation and drainage ditches should be laid before the equipment is installed, and then the equipment should be placed in place to keep it level, and the pipelines, valves, Instrument parts. During installation, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the backwash drain pipe should not be airtightly connected to the sewer line, so as to observe the backwash intensity and control the backwash time. When filling the filter material in the filter, first open the access hole cover, first clean the supporting layer (manganese stone) and fill it layer by layer, and keep each layer flat, and then fill the manganese sand filter material. After the filter material is filled, spin Tighten the screws of each component, and start water debugging.

Before starting the pump, open the main water inlet valve and exhaust valve, the water inlet valve of the filter, close the water outlet valve, then start the water pump to fill the tank with water, start the gas filling machine at the same time, and open the gas filling valve to 1/2 of the intake volume , when the filter tank is full of water and the pressure gauge rises to a pressure of 2 kg, stop the pump to check whether there is any leakage in each part. After observation, carry out backwashing for each filter tank respectively. The method is as follows: 1. First open the first filter tank Backwash drain valve, close the water inlet valve of this filter and then turn on the pump to enter the water. At this time, a large amount of muddy water flows from the drain pipe to the drain. After the backwash drain pipe comes out with clear water, the first filter is backwashed. Finish. 2. Open the backwash drain valve of the second filter first, then close the inlet valve of this filter, and finally open the inlet valve of the first filter and close the drain valve of the first filter, and backwash the other filters Follow the above steps in order. The idea is that when the backwash of the last filter is over, the outlet valve of the equipment should be opened first, then the backwash drain valve of this filter should be closed, and the water inlet valve of the filter should be opened. At this time, the equipment starts In normal operation, when the equipment is in normal operation, the amount of gas added and the quality of effluent water should be observed at any time, and the backwash cycle should be determined according to the water quality and water supply running time. 3. Periodic inspection of the equipment: After the equipment has been in operation for one year, it needs to be inspected. First, stop the machine, open the filter tank inlet cover, and observe whether the filter material is worn or lost. It should be replenished according to the amount of wear and tear. Anti-corrosion to ensure the service life of the equipment.

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