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Application of filter sand tank in sauna and foot massage industry


The sauna and foot massage industry may be one of the most popular industries in China at present. With the improvement of living standards, Chinese people's leisure methods are diversified. Sauna places have also become people's regular leisure and entertainment places.

In today's increasingly tense water resources, it is very necessary to recycle water in sauna places after being filtered by equipment such as sand filter tanks. Take a sauna club as an example: if the water is changed, the total water exchange volume of 200 cubic meters per day will generate a water fee of up to 1,000 yuan, and the electricity fee required for pumping water is conservatively estimated to be no less than 200 yuan. What's more, replacing the new water will cause the heat in the original sauna water to be artificially wasted.

Like the water used in swimming pools, sauna water also has certain national standards. And the temperature requirement is higher. Therefore, in the process of circulating water filtration, physical filtration equipment such as filter sand tanks is necessary.

In addition, sauna water needs high temperature (40-60 degrees Celsius), so some heating devices such as air source heat pumps are also added. Sauna places are relatively densely populated, so in order to prevent the spread of diseases, sterilization and disinfection equipment such as ultraviolet sterilizers or ozone generators are also indispensable. When the filter sand tank is used for sauna water treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to the possible impact of the high temperature of the sauna water on the equipment.

Generally speaking, the filter sand cylinder produced by Guangdong Boying can be used in water treatment environments where the temperature is lower than 60 degrees Celsius. And if the temperature is higher, you should consider using a stainless steel filter sand tank. Similarly, water pumps should not use engineering plastic water pumps, but consider using iron pumps or copper pumps.

When treating sauna and foot bath water, it should be noted that all water pumps should use water pumps with hair filters (filter baskets). In order to prevent larger solids such as hair from entering the filter system at the source. Because too much hair enters the sand tank, it will shorten the backwash cycle and increase labor costs.

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