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Application of Activated Carbon in Swimming Pool Water Treatment


Activated carbon is widely used for filtration in swimming pool water treatment and industrial fields. When ozone disinfection is used in swimming pool water treatment, activated carbon filters are used to absorb excess ozone in the water before entering the swimming pool. Activated carbon is a black solid substance with a well-developed internal pore structure produced by gasification of coal, fruit shells, and coconut shells. The developed porosity of activated carbon can make the effective surface reach more than 1000㎡/g, making it an extremely effective adsorption medium. This surface area is called the specific surface area.

In swimming pool water treatment, its adsorption is the process of gathering and concentrating ozone, green algae and organic matter in the water on the surface of activated carbon. 1. The quality of activated carbon 1. Activated carbon for swimming pool water treatment has the characteristics of good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability and strong regeneration ability. Due to the large number of domestic manufacturers of activated carbon, the raw materials and manufacturing methods are different, and their specifications, performance, and prices are also different.

2. Coal-based activated carbon with anthracite as raw material and activated carbon with apricot core, walnut shell and coconut shell as raw material are commonly used in water supply treatment. Coconut shell activated carbon is the best quality, but the price is the highest. 2. Working cycle of activated carbon The working cycle of activated carbon refers to the time when its adsorption capacity reaches saturation and no longer has adsorption capacity.

At this point the activated carbon needs to be replaced. To identify whether it has adsorption properties, it is generally used to install an ozone detector or an ORP monitor on the inlet and outlet pipes of the activated carbon adsorption filter. According to relevant information, the working cycle of activated carbon is about 5a. After the activated carbon fails, whether it should be regenerated or completely replaced needs to be determined by technical and economic comparison.

3. Application of activated carbon adsorption in swimming pool water treatment Activated carbon has a wide range of adsorption properties. Therefore, it is widely used to remove organic micro-pollutants and inorganic pollutants in swimming pool water treatment. However, in the treatment of swimming pool water purification, activated carbon is not used as a secondary filter layer to retain suspended impurities in the pool water, but focuses on the following functions: 1. Removal of disinfection by-products in the pool water.

Chlorine preparations are basically used in the long-term disinfectants of swimming pools. The by-products of these disinfectants generate mutagenic trihalomethanes, which are potentially harmful to human health. Therefore, it is removed with activated carbon before chlorination to prevent or reduce the formation of trihalomethanes.

2. If the swimming pool water is disinfected with ozone supplemented with chlorine, because ozone is a toxic gas and unstable, it is not easy to dissolve in water. If the ozone-sterilized water does not remove the remaining ozone in the water or reduce it to a safe range, it will It will bring danger to swimmers, cause corrosion to equipment, and reduce the transparency of pool water after being released into the swimming pool. Therefore, excess ozone should be removed by activated carbon. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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