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Advantages of swimming pool quartz sand filter


We all know that the swimming pool sand box is filled with quartz sand, why do we fill it with sand? We all know that water can permeate to the surface and become clear groundwater; when we conduct experiments, we can filter turbid water such as sediment to filter out clean water, and the sand box is also based on the principle of deep filtration. When the swimming pool water passes through the sand tank, these special sand filters will remove the microscopic dirt in the pool water, the impurities in the water will be intercepted by the sand, and the water will flow back into the pool through the pipe. The sand filter of the quartz sand filter does not have to fill the entire sand box, generally two-thirds of the volume of the sand filter tank.

But this is not the standard answer. It is enough for the filtered dirt to have a temporary space, and it is not necessary to leave a third place, so there is no absolute standard. This is purely based on reality.

The advantages of using quartz sand filter equipment are reflected in the following aspects: Circular filtration: swimming pool sand box filtration generally uses single-layer or multi-layer filter materials, and generally adopts a filtration speed of 30-45 m/h. The filtration effect is obvious, and the turbidity of the pool can be kept below 5 NTU. The cleaning method of the sand tank is backwashing, which needs to be backwashed every other cycle (half a year or a year).

The filtering effect is good, and it can generally be used for 7 or 8 years. The quartz sand inside is replaced every three years, which is economical and convenient to maintain. In terms of drug addition: Sand box filtration generally requires flocculants (liquid pool clarifiers) to flocculate fine particles in the water before filtration.

After filtering the water, add a pool sanitizer or pH adjuster. In a metered manner, flow meters are often used to control the dosage of the drug, while automatic control is conveniently possible. Before filtering, the wall-mounted integrated filter cannot add flocculants, and when adding drugs, two applicators are usually provided.

When using constant temperature equipment: filter equipment adopts heat exchanger, electric constant temperature or heat pump plus constant temperature to save energy. And automatically control the thermostat device. In terms of use effect and safety: the filter unit adopts traditional stainless steel and water supply.

At the same time, the layout of the water supply is reasonable, and there are few stagnant water areas, which fully guarantee the effect of circulating filtration. Moreover, the safety is high, the water area only has 12V lighting power, and there is no security threat. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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