Technical explanation of swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment


Swimming pool water treatment is mainly purified through circulation and filtration of special swimming water treatment equipment. In addition, it needs to be sterilized by professional equipment, and chemical agents are added to it for disinfection, flocculation, algae removal, etc., and then the pool water is cleaned by physical processes. health. These two processes are carried out simultaneously to ensure that the water quality of the pool water meets the national standard, and both are indispensable in the process of swimming pool water treatment. The swimming pool water quality treatment system needs to follow the working principle of dynamic balance, and the water quality can be completely purified in the process of circulation treatment.

After the swimming pool water is collected, it enters the circulating water pipeline together with the supplementary water, and is driven by the circulating water pump through the filter tank (or hair collector) to filter out hair and larger-sized particles; then enters the flocculant automatic adding system with precise control The metering pump accurately adds flocculant to the circulating water pipeline in proportion, so that the colloidal microscopic matter in the circulating water coagulates into larger flocs. If the water quality is poor, a quartz sand filter can be added to filter it out completely; In addition, the pH adjustment system controls the metering pump to inject acid and alkali into the circulating water to control the pH of the swimming pool water within the range specified by the state (pH=7.2-8.0); the final disinfectant adjustment system uses a residual chlorine sensor or an oxidation-reduction potential sensor to measure the pH of the swimming pool. Disinfection and sterilization ability, the controller controls the metering pump to accurately add sodium hypochlorite disinfectant to keep the residual chlorine concentration in the swimming pool water within the range specified by the state (0.3-0.6ppm), effectively kill various bacteria, and complete purification and disinfection. The swimming pool water treatment system includes a conventional hair collector, a multi-media quartz sand filter and a heat exchanger, equipped with a flocculant dosing system, automatic adjustment of water pH, and a monitoring system for disinfectant addition to ensure the clarity, pH and Chlorine concentration (to maintain sterility). On-site swimming pool supervision needs to check whether the residual chlorine in the pool water meets the standard. On-site testing whether the residual chlorine in the pool water and the foot-soaking pool meets the national hygiene standards. It should be maintained at 5-10 mg/L, and the dosing should be changed every 4 hours.

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