Technical characteristics of ozone reaction tank


(1) Integrated design: The ozone system is divided into two integrated units, the ozone generator and the molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator are one unit, and the ozone gas-water mixing system is another unit, which makes the installation easier. (2) Dosing method: According to different requirements, we can provide negative pressure method to produce ozone and negative pressure dosing method, such as swimming pool water treatment, and also provide positive pressure method to prepare ozone and positive pressure dosing method, such as tap water treatment. (3) Cooling water: The cooling water consumption of the oxygen method ozone generator is only 1/4 of that of the air method.

(4) High reliability: High-frequency power supply and molecular sieve oxygen generator are used to ensure that the ozone generating system can work reliably in harsh environments with high temperature and high humidity. (5) Modular design: The continuous operation of the water treatment system requires that the ozone generator can be quickly maintained on site. The constant motion ozone generator adopts a modular design method, which concentrates the system functions on several modules, greatly shortening the The time for on-site maintenance and downtime is reduced, and the use of users is guaranteed. (6) Oxygen gas source: The concentration and purity of ozone can be increased by more than 4 times compared with the air method, which not only improves the dissolution efficiency of ozone in water, but also meets the strict requirements of the food and beverage industry for ozone.

(7) Frequency conversion power supply: Power semiconductor technology makes the adjustment of ozone production more flexible and reliable. High frequency technology and unique design ensure better reliability and safety of the system. (8) Ozone generating cylinder: The patented ozone generating structure reduces the discharge voltage of the ozone generator from above 12000V to below 3000V, which significantly improves the reliability and service life of the system, and has been verified for many years. (9) Compatible with national conditions: Compared with European and American countries, the environment of domestic computer rooms is often harsh, dusty, poorly ventilated, and rarely installed with temperature and humidity adjustment equipment.

Based on years of experience, Boying has strengthened the refrigeration, ventilation and filtration capabilities of the equipment in design, and adopted a molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator to ensure the system's ability to work in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment. Boying ozone reaction tank is made of 316# imported high-quality stainless steel. It has a smooth and delicate appearance, super corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is an ideal container for ozone reaction and filtration. Poying ozone reaction tank adopts special process, which is very suitable for ozone reaction, and it is also the choice of activated carbon filter.

The ozone reaction tank disinfection technology belongs to swimming pool disinfection equipment and also belongs to the technical field of swimming pool water disinfection equipment manufacturing. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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