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Construction and acceptance of swimming pool water treatment project


Correct engineering construction and installation is an important means to realize the design intention, and also a prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the system. Therefore, it is the most basic requirement to ensure that every process in the construction and installation process can meet the requirements of engineering quality standards and to abide by various technical standards promulgated by the state. At present, there is no specific regulation for the construction of swimming pool water supply and drainage projects in our country. The "new regulations" have added this content, which provides a clear basis for the construction and installation of swimming pool water supply and drainage projects in the future, so that the swimming pool water purification system engineering has rules to follow. Provided to ensure project quality.

Specific requirements for construction and acceptance of swimming pool water treatment projects: This chapter is divided into three parts: (1) Firstly, it stipulates that in order to ensure the quality of the project, the construction and installation unit should establish a complete quality assurance system, the conditions that should be met before construction, and the Basic requirements before installation of equipment, pipelines, accessories, etc. (2) Secondly, the requirements for flatness, slope, elevation, pipe support, equipment fixing, issues that should be paid attention to in the construction and installation of swimming pool water treatment equipment and supporting facilities, pipeline accessories (including valves, instruments, etc.) are respectively stipulated. Specific quality requirements, as well as the relevant national, industrial and local norms, regulations and regulations that should be followed for quality inspection and testing after the installation of equipment and piping systems. (3) Finally, it stipulates the content of project acceptance and various technical documents, re-inspection requirements, completion acceptance, quality judgment content and the issuance of project construction and installation acceptance report.

Swimming pool management and maintenance According to incomplete statistics, there are as many as 100,000 swimming pools of various types built and used in China. Some of these swimming pools have a high level of water treatment equipment and facilities, but the water quality of the pools open to the public is not satisfactory. The main reasons are as follows: (1) Emphasis on construction and neglect management: In order to meet the requirements of holding a certain level of competition activities and expand the influence of the region, the positioning standard of swimming pool water treatment equipment and facilities is relatively high when the construction starts, and how to fully implement the competition after the competition is over. The use of its due social benefits is less considered, so that the necessary maintenance and testing of swimming pool water treatment equipment and facilities are not carried out, resulting in damage to some swimming pool water treatment equipment and making the system unable to operate normally.

(2) Emphasis on economic benefits and less on health and safety: in order to pursue higher economic returns, the number of swimmers exceeds the design requirements, resulting in accelerated pool water pollution, overloaded equipment, difficult to guarantee pool water quality, and easily causing cross-contamination and environmental pollution chaos. (3) The operation lacks the necessary rules and regulations: the swimmers lack health education and reasonable diversion guidance, and they are allowed to go their own way without restraint on the shore of the pool. (4) The management personnel lack the necessary professional technical knowledge: the operation personnel of the swimming pool water treatment equipment have not received strict induction training, and they do not understand the performance of the swimming pool water treatment equipment and chemicals, which makes them helpless when there is a problem with the swimming pool water treatment system. Without timely repairs, corrections or adjustments, the swimming pool had to be suspended.

In response to the above problems, the "New Regulations" made specific provisions in terms of abnormal water quality treatment, water quality monitoring, pool sanitation, chemical storage and solution preparation, and maintenance of various swimming pool water treatment equipment. For example, management systems, operating procedures, on-the-job training systems and system operation records, water quality testing frequency and content should be established and recorded, swimming pool water treatment failures and troubleshooting should be recorded, equipment, accessories, instruments, etc. maintenance and replacement should be recorded, etc. Corresponding provisions and requirements have been made. In this way, the maintenance and management of the swimming pool water purification system can be standardized, normalized and regularized, ensuring the provision of qualified and excellent pool water quality for the majority of swimmers.

The relevant provisions of the "New Regulations" only focus on the quality of pool water, but the quality of pool water is closely related to the environment, building decoration, ventilation and air conditioning, and related supporting facilities such as showers, toilets, and changing clothes. That is to say, if you want to obtain good pool water quality, you should cooperate closely with related disciplines, and comprehensively consider that you cannot do it alone. This should attract the attention of the majority of engineering designers. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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