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Maintenance of swimming pool water treatment equipment


Maintenance of swimming pool water treatment equipment Regardless of whether a swimming pool water treatment equipment is good or bad, basic repair and maintenance knowledge is necessary, so that a small problem may be solved quickly. A good use method and maintenance habit can extend the service life of your various equipment as much as possible and maintain a good operating performance! Let's take a look at some common swimming pool water treatment equipment knowledge! 1. Water pump And the maintenance of the hair collector - When the three-phase water pump is turned on for the first time after installation, it must be confirmed that it is not reversed before it is turned on; - If the pump has abnormal noise or vibration during operation, it should be stopped immediately for inspection; When the flow rate is much lower than the design flow rate, it should be stopped immediately for inspection; -The water pump should not run idling when there is no water; -The hair collector should be checked and cleaned frequently; The air should be drained, and a layer of oil should be applied to the rubber ring to seal; - Before the water pump needs to be shut down for a long time in winter, the water in the water pump and hair collector should be drained. 2. Maintenance of the filter - The multi-way valve on the filter is absolutely not allowed to operate under pressure, and must be operated under the state of no pressure when the machine is shut down; - The multi-way valve must be switched in place during operation; - The resistance of the sand tank If it increases by a certain amount (2.5kg/cm2), backwashing must be carried out.

3. Maintenance of the dosing system - The dosing metering pump should be cleaned with clean water after stopping dosing in each swimming season; - There should be no granular medicine when the medicine is prepared; - The dosing metering pump should not be idling for a long time ; - When not adding medicine, the valve at the outlet of the metering pump should be closed; - When the swimming pool is out of use for a long time, the medicine barrel, the filter head of the metering pump, the one-way valve and the hose should be cleaned. 4. Control system - The control system must be placed in a suitable location, keep it dry and ventilated, and not wet; - It is best to be operated by trained personnel, and it must be operated strictly according to the panel labels; Other precautions: 1. All kinds of swimming pools Disinfectants should not be stored in the computer room, because they are highly corrosive, making it difficult to breathe and corrode the metal surface, so moisture-proof measures must be taken and stored in a dedicated room; The treatment system should be thoroughly cleaned, maintained and maintained. If the technical capacity is not enough, you can contact a professional water treatment company and entrust the equipment supplier to carry out the comprehensive maintenance; 3. The machine room should be well ventilated, well-lit and well-drained , Keep it dry for a long time, and the automatic submersible pump in the machine room should be kept in the normal open state; (24 hours) 4. When operating the equipment, you should be careful, follow the operating procedures, and operate the valve slowly to prevent the water clock from damaging the valve , pipelines or equipment; 5. The color of the pool water cannot be changed only by adding algaecide (copper sulfate), but should be kept clear by continuous water treatment (if there is no algae, it should be avoided as much as possible). Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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