How to maintain the qualified standard of swimming pool water quality?


How to maintain the qualified standard of swimming pool water quality? How to choose swimming pool disinfection products? The selection criteria of swimming pool water disinfectant should meet the following requirements: and have the function of continuous sterilization; (1) do not cause water and environmental pollution, do not Change the water quality of the pool; (2) No irritation or little irritation to the human body; (3) Little corrosion to building structures, equipment and pipelines. There are three main methods for swimming pool disinfection: pure chemical agent method, ultraviolet method, ozone disinfection method, and metal ion method 1. Pure chemical agent method for swimming pool disinfection. Chlorine b, calcium hypochlorite (bleaching powder) c, sodium hypochlorite (high-efficiency bleaching powder, bleaching water) d. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (excellent chlorine) e. Trichloroisocyanuric acid (strong chlorine) f. Bromochlorohydantoin (bromine) g. Chlorine dioxide 2. Ultraviolet method Ultraviolet light is a low-energy The electromagnetic radiation, whose energy is only 5eV, has poor penetrating power. The energy of ultraviolet irradiation is low, not enough to cause ionization of atoms, but only excitation, so that electrons are in a high-energy state without detachment.

Ultraviolet radiation penetrates into the water body to act on the nucleic acid and protoplasmic protease, causing chemical changes to cause the death of microorganisms. Generally, 253.7nm is used as the representative of germicidal ultraviolet wavelength. Since ultraviolet lamps are more convenient to use and have a certain bactericidal effect, they are widely used in sanitation and epidemic prevention, medical treatment and industrial disinfection. Advantages: The advantages of ultraviolet disinfection are that the required contact time is short, the sterilization efficiency is high, and the physical and chemical properties of water are not changed at the same time, and no odor and other harmful by-products such as halogenated methane are produced.

However, ultraviolet disinfection has higher requirements on the turbidity of raw water before disinfection, and a certain water flow thickness must be guaranteed. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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