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How can the recoil of the swimming pool sand tank be better?


How can the recoil of the sand tank in the swimming pool be better? During the circulation process of the filter sand tank, because the sand layer intercepts the suspended solids in the water, when the suspended solids reach a certain amount, it will affect the filtration speed and quality, especially before the sand tank. The coagulant needs to master the recoil time even more. Backwashing is used to remove the suspended solids trapped in the sand tank to restore the filtering ability of the sand tank. Backwashing must master the speed and time of backwashing. The frequency of backwashing is mainly judged according to the pressure rise of the pressure gauge, that is, the so-called pressure difference. When the resistance of the sand tank increases by a certain range (2.5kg/cm2), backwashing must be carried out.

If the pressure difference exceeds this range, although the filtered water quality is better, the filtered water will be reduced, and the thrust will not be enough, resulting in poor circulation effect. If it is lower than this pressure difference range, although the number of water cycles will increase and the thrust will be sufficient. The filtered water quality is not very ideal, and the number of backwashing is too frequent, resulting in waste of water. For quartz sand filters, the backwash intensity should not be lower than 15L/(S.m2), and the backwash time should be 5~6mim or until the backwashed water has no suspended matter. At the same time, because there are a lot of fats brought by the human body in the swimming pool water, these fats will accumulate on the surface of the quartz sand, and the accumulated fats will continue to drill into the depth of the filter layer, and eventually occupy the entire filter layer. , the fat in the water cannot be absorbed by the filter at all, and the pool water will be slightly green to slightly yellow turbid, and even backwashing cannot improve the water quality.

Therefore, the quartz sand should be cleaned with a special sand tank cleaner every six months to remove the grease on the surface of the sand grains. In addition, the quartz sand in the sand tank does not need to be replaced in theory, but in fact, the filter layer will expand upward by 1.2 to 1.3 times in volume during backwashing, and the upward water flow will drive the filter layer to flow up and down, making the filter material Particles collide with each other, and some of them will break into smaller particles and be lost with the backwash water. In addition, because of insufficient purity, some quartz will dissolve when the acid-base changes, so the filter layer will decrease with time. Therefore, it is necessary to add the sand layer every year. On the other hand, after long-term use, the interior of the filter layer will be partially surrounded by colloid due to uneven distribution of water flow and lose its effect. Therefore, it should be used every two years. Replace the quartz sand once. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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