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Swimming pool sand tank cleaning and maintenance skills


Swimming pool sand tank cleaning and maintenance skills How to clean the swimming pool sand tank? What maintenance do you need to do daily? Maybe you are using the swimming pool sand tank, so please read the following introduction about the cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pool sand tank Tips: 1. Backwash If the reading of the pressure gauge on the filter sand tank is higher than 2.5kg or above, you need to backwash the filter sand tank immediately; confirm that the relevant water pumps that need to backwash the sand tank have stopped running; put the filter sand Adjust the multi-way valve on the tank to the backwash state; confirm that the relevant valves on the pipeline are in the correct position; first run the water pump; check and observe the clear water mirror on the sand tank until the water is clean; then turn off the water pump. If it is impossible to check the backwash water, the backwash time is generally 3-5 minutes. (Generally 2-3 times a month, such as once a week in peak season) After backwashing, turn off the water pump, adjust the multi-way valve to (RINSE) rinse state, then turn on the water pump to run for 1-2 minutes and then turn off the water pump.

2. Sand tank cleaning After the swimming season is over or before opening in the second year, it is best to use a sand tank cleaning agent to clean the sand tank once, which can prevent the oil produced by the human body from accumulating in the quartz sand for a long time and cause the filter sand to agglomerate , affecting the filtering effect. 3. Replacement and replenishment of quartz sand After three years of use, the general sand cylinder needs to be replaced and supplemented with quartz sand. Because quartz sand will become smaller due to friction after long-term use, and part of it will be washed away during backwashing. If it is not replaced and replenished for a long time, fine sand particles will rush into the swimming pool with the water flow after normal circulation. Due to the reduction of sand, the filter layer is reduced and the water quality is affected.

When designing the traditional dosing system, the disinfectant used is liquid sodium hypochlorite (i.e. bleach), and the pH regulator is designed to be hydrochloric acid. The actual situation now is that most of the disinfectants are industrial-grade sodium hypochlorite, without sanitation permits and inconvenient to store, so many swimming pools have switched to trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfectants. Trichloroisocyanuric acid has a high chlorine content, but it releases an irritating chlorine smell after dissolving in water, which will pose a great safety hazard in a closed machine room, and its strong oxygen resistance will also cause serious damage to the dosing pump. corrosion.

Therefore, at present, most users have actually disabled automatic dosing and switched to manual dosing. The Qingshuiqing automatic dosing system is currently more suitable for indoor swimming venues. After using the compound cake disinfection tablet, there is no need to use PH regulators Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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