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Swimming Pool Pump Selection


The choice of swimming pool water pump should be based on the flow and lift of the pump, installation conditions, and water quality requirements. However, choosing a sewage pump does not take into account the specific effect of the sewage pump. The effect of the sewage suction pump can be obtained from the parameters of the sewage suction pump. The parameters of the sewage suction pump mainly include flow and head, in addition to shaft power, speed and necessary NPSH.

Flow rate refers to the amount of liquid output through the pump outlet per unit time, generally using volume flow rate; head is the energy increment of the pumped liquid per unit weight from the pump inlet to the outlet. The efficiency of the sewage pump is not an independent performance parameter, it can be calculated from other performance parameters such as flow, head and shaft power according to the formula. To choose a sewage suction pump, we need to consider the efficiency of the sewage suction pump, that is to say, we need to know the pump head, flow rate, power and other parameters.

Of course, it does not mean that the higher the power of the pump, the better, the higher the head and the flow, the better. We need to choose according to our own conditions of the swimming pool. Relevant skills in swimming pool maintenance: 1. What is the possible reason for the insufficient flow of the water pump? How to solve it? (1) There is air in the water pump. Solution: deflate.

(2) The sealing ring of the water pump is damaged. Remedy: Replace the other part of the sealing ring. (3) Air leakage at the packing.

Method: apply some butter on the packing and tighten the packing pressure plate. (4) The speed of the water pump is too low and the voltage is too low. Solution: try to increase the voltage.

(5) The impeller, water inlet and pipe are blocked. Solution: remove debris. (6) The impeller wears too much.

Solution: replace the impeller and check the bearing wear. (7) The motor turns incorrectly. Solution: adjust the phase.

(8) The centerline of the impeller is not immersed in the liquid. Solution: adjust the immersion height. 2. What are the possible reasons for the insufficient lift of the water pump? How to solve it? (1) The impeller is damaged.

Solution: replace another part. (2) The speed is insufficient. Solution: Check whether the voltage and motor are normal.

(3) The infusion contains gas. Solution: reduce the temperature of the liquid to remove the gas. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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