What should I do if the swimming pool water turns green?


If the swimming pool water is green, first understand the reason for the green water: whether there is a problem with the swimming pool equipment, or because the disinfection is not done properly, and when the residual chlorine is insufficient, the details and algae take the opportunity to reproduce and grow, causing the water to turn green. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of disinfection and algae killing. Swimming pool supporting equipment: filter equipment The most commonly used swimming pool filter equipment is the swimming pool filter sand tank. Choosing a sand tank is more cost-effective. If it is not a venue with particularly high requirements, generally use a sand tank. If the swimming pool venue has a higher level, you can choose it. Gravity filter with better filtering effect.

The water filtered by the swimming pool equipment needs to be treated with water treatment chemicals. We all know that residual chlorine will volatilize and be consumed. Basically, the residual chlorine will be used up before noon. However, some people cannot put chemicals in the water. Therefore, when there is no residual chlorine during the period from noon to night when the museum is closed, bacteria will multiply wildly, and algae will grow rapidly, causing the water to become dirty. green. The gap time for these residual chlorine to be consumed is unavoidable every day, and even experienced water processors are helpless.

What everyone can do is to double the amount of disinfectant at night when the flow of people is not high during the peak season. Let's take a look at the solution to the greening of the swimming pool water: The treatment method of the greening water: (the swimming pool equipment does not have a circulation system) 1. Check whether the filtering system of the swimming pool equipment is in normal operation, and the swimming pool equipment should be cleaned frequently. 2. Put in swimming pool disinfectant first, double the amount than usual, once a day in the morning and in the evening.

3. Add liquid algicide to the swimming pool, double the usual amount, and put it in the morning. 4. Since the water becomes turbid after killing algae, it is necessary to put in a precipitant for precipitation; put in at night, the water will stand still for five or six hours, and the sewage will be sucked at 5 o'clock in the morning, and the suction will be finished before the sun comes out. 5. Finally, use a manual suction machine to suck up the dirt.

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