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Why do swimming pool filter sand tanks need to be backwashed?


The swimming pool filter sand tank is the filter equipment in the swimming pool equipment and an important part of the water treatment system. The main working principle is to use the filter material (quartz sand, etc.) in the sand tank to intercept the suspended solids in the water and treat the sundries in the water , to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality. However, as the filtration time increases, there will be more and more debris in the filter layer. Excessive accumulation of debris will increase the resistance of the sand tank to water, weaken the water treatment speed, and reduce the filtering effect. The water processing speed cannot keep up with the requirements of swimming pool water, so after using the sand tank for a long time, it is necessary to rinse the swimming pool filter sand tank, but manual flushing is very troublesome, and the filter material in the sand tank needs to be poured out, and then Rinse.

For convenience, the flushing of the sundries in the sand tank can make the water flow counter to the direction of water treatment, and the water flows in the opposite direction to wash out the sundries in the filter layer. Swimming pool filter sand: backwash operation method 1. Turn off the circulation pump; 2. Turn the handle of the six-position multi-way valve to the backwash position BACKWASH; 3. Turn on the circulation pump again to perform backwash; 4. Observe the changes in water quality in the perspective window , until the water becomes clear, turn off the circulation pump; 5. Turn the handle of the six-position multi-way valve to the filter position; 6. Turn on the circulation pump for filtration. There are many ways to backwash the sand filter tank of the swimming pool, such as water flushing, air flushing, water air flushing, etc.

During the flushing process, the debris is washed away by the reverse flow of water. How long the specific sand tank needs to be flushed depends on the actual situation. In addition to the flushing time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the flushing intensity of the sand tank. If the flushing intensity is too high, it is easy to affect the filter material in the sand tank. The sand tank is an important equipment in the swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment, so for the backwash of the sand tank, there should also be a backwash cycle, that is, how often it needs to be washed.

In general, the backwashing of the sand tank needs to pay attention to the flushing intensity, flushing time, and flushing cycle. The backwashing of the sand tank is to remove the sundries in the sand tank, so the flushing water flow is reverse flushing. In a water treatment system composed of multiple sand tanks, multiple sand tanks must not be flushed at the same time. If it is carried out at the same time, the purpose of backwashing the sand tanks will not be achieved, and the sundries in the previous sand tank will enter another in the sand tank.

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