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Does the filter sand tank of the swimming pool need to be cleaned regularly?


Long-term use of the filter sand tank in the swimming pool tends to accumulate too much sludge and impurities, and the sand filtration capacity will be reduced, and even hardened, resulting in an increase in the pressure of the sand tank, which will cause damage to the water pump and a series of parts of the sand tank, and pose a serious safety hazard. When the sand tank has been used for a period of time, we should completely remove the sludge and dirt attached to the sand material (you can use ultra-blue sand tank cleaning agent), so that the material sand is as clean as new, and avoid sand compaction caused by incomplete backwashing . The sand is cleaned, and the sand filtering ability is improved, and the water will naturally become clear.

The bacteria and viruses contained in the sand are cleaned, the water in the swimming pool is filtered more cleanly, and the consumption of chemicals is reduced, which reduces the cost of disinfection drugs in the swimming pool. The reason why the filter sand tank of the quartz sand swimming pool needs to be cleaned is the accumulation of grease rather than calcification, because the surface of the swimming pool or jacuzzi has a lot of swimmers' grease stuck in the recycled water. If the grease is not cleaned up properly, it will accumulate on the quartz sand The surface of the sand makes the quartz sand re-displace the fatty substance, so the fatty substance will continue to enter the deep layer of the filter layer until it fills the entire filter layer. At this time, the fatty substance will be completely unable to be removed due to the displacement of the entire filter layer. The pool water was caught by the filter, and the pool water was slightly green to yellowish turbid. Even backwashing could not improve the water quality, so we had to change the water to solve the problem, but it didn't take long for the situation to recur. It is recommended to use filter cleaning agent, which can eliminate the phenomenon of filter medium displacement and improve the quality of filtered water.

There is no need to disassemble the tank to clean the filter screen, no need to replace the quartz sand, reduce the damage of the filter screen, extend the life of the filter material, increase the filtration efficiency, reduce foam generation, reduce the number of backwashing of the filter, prolong the life of the filter material, and reduce the turbidity of the pool water. Non-toxic, non-foaming, odorless, tasteless, new environmentally friendly products. After backwashing, add cleaning agent to the hair filter, turn on the water pump, let the product flow to the filter, turn off the water pump and let it stand for one hour, and then use backwashing to remove the pollutants in the filter.

Swimming pool filter sand tank usage and dosage: First discharge most of the water in the pool until the minimum amount of water that can be circulated is better, open the circulating filter system, and then add pipeline cleaning agent, the amount added is calculated according to the minimum water volume, and calculated on a daily basis cubic plus 0.5-1KG. Generally, the treatment time is about 1 hour. After seeing a lot of oil stains, impurities, and foam appearing at the return port, clean up the dirt that has been flushed into the pool and gradually add clean water. The swimming pool filter sand tank until the pipeline flushes. After the water that comes out becomes clean, it can be stopped, and the pool can be put into new water after cleaning up. After putting in new water, carry out water quality treatment.

Points to note when using the sand filter tank of the swimming pool: 1. When cleaning the sand filter tank of the swimming pool, clean the sand tank together. 2. Store in a ventilated and cool place. 3. Put the filter sand tank in the swimming pool out of the reach of children and avoid contact with eyes and skin.

4. Do not use excessively to avoid adverse consequences. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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