Swimming pool circulation equipment room requirements


Swimming pools are generally equipped with a swimming pool equipment room, and its design requirements stipulate: 1. The swimming pool circulating water purification equipment room should be composed of a balanced pool room, a circulating water pump room, a sand tank filter room, a dosing room, a heat exchanger room, and a disinfection equipment room. , drug warehouse, control room, etc., and should be arranged in the order of the process flow. The location of the swimming pool circulating water purification equipment room should meet the following requirements: 2. Near the bottom of the swimming pool; 3. When the equipment room is located on the ground floor, it should be equipped with an equipment transportation entrance that leads directly to the outside; 4. The equipment room is set on the basement or on the ground floor, the following measures should be taken: 1) The size of the passages and vertical hoisting holes for transporting equipment, pipelines and chemicals inside should meet the transportation needs of the largest equipment; 2) The equipment room should be clearly separated from other rooms 3) The equipment room should be equipped with an entrance and exit leading to the pipe gallery or trench of the circulating water pipeline; 4) The fire resistance rating and fire protection design of the equipment room should comply with the current national standard "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings" or "Design of High-Rise Buildings". Regulations on fire protection. The environment of the equipment room should meet the following requirements: 5) The temperature of the equipment room should not be lower than 5°C, but the control time should not be lower than 16°C.

The maximum temperature should not exceed 30°C; 6) There should be good lighting, ventilation and ground drainage measures; 7) The foundation and connecting pipes of all rotating equipment should have good vibration isolation and noise reduction measures; 8) The equipment room should be separated from other The rooms are separated, and building sound insulation measures should be taken. All equipment, devices, containers and pipelines in the equipment room shall be installed on foundations and supports not less than 0.10m above the ground. Poying LTPA-MM series sand tank filter uses special filter sand to eliminate tiny dirt in the pool.

Filter sand is used as a medium for removing dirt and is packed in the cavity of the filter. In normal working condition, the pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pumped into the filter pipeline, and then guided by the control switch to the water outlet of the filter. The water passes through the filter, and the microscopic dirt is captured by the sand bed and filtered out.

Swimming pool sand tank filter scope of application: swimming pools, aquariums, water parks, freshwater aquaculture, drinking water pretreatment, landscape fountain water treatment, agricultural irrigation, industrial water purification, reclaimed water reuse. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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