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Why does the water treated by the swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment fail to meet the standard?


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to like swimming. In the future, the health of swimmers will be guaranteed, and swimming pools that meet the national legal standards will be allowed to open for use. One of the criteria for checking the quality of a swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment is whether the treated swimming pool water quality is up to standard. In 2014, the National Ministry of Health tested the water quality of swimming pools in a certain city and found that the overall pass rate was above 79%.

There are still 21% of swimming pools that are unqualified, so what are the main reasons why the water quality of unqualified swimming pools is not up to standard? Let Boying briefly explain: ① Advantages of swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment In some places, some swimming pools are still using non-circulating Type of swimming pool water treatment equipment, the water quality of these swimming pools cannot be guaranteed. For non-circulating water treatment swimming pools, we suggest that they be transformed into circulating ones as soon as possible, which is not only easy to use, but also guarantees water quality. ②The awareness of the management personnel in the swimming pool water treatment room is not strong. The circulating water treatment equipment system consists of multiple devices, and many places require frequent inspections by the management personnel. For example, the hair collector in front of the circulating water pump not only needs to be cleaned regularly, but also needs to be cleaned when there are a lot of users in the swimming pool to prevent the water pump from being blocked from absorbing water.

For filter equipment, the main sand tank pressure, when the pressure is too high, backwashing is required. ③Residual chlorine exceeds the standard or fails to meet the minimum standard. For public swimming pools, in order to ensure the continuous disinfection ability of the pool water, no matter what disinfection method is used, a certain amount of residual chlorine is required to preserve the continuous disinfection ability of the pool water. During the inspection by the Ministry of Health, it was found that most of the unqualified swimming pools had excessive residual chlorine, and some had too little residual chlorine.

Excessive chlorine will cause damage to the skin and organs of swimmers, and the standard swimming pool water with the maximum residual chlorine does not have continuous disinfection capabilities, which will cause viruses or bacteria in the pool water to cause harm to the human body. Only with good swimming pool water quality can more swimming enthusiasts be attracted and income generated for operators. In order to have better water quality, swimming pool operators not only need to choose good swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment, but also need to strengthen the management of the computer room managers to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Undertake swimming pool projects, design swimming pool water treatment processes and schemes, sell swimming pool water circulation purification and disinfection equipment, and provide technical service support, etc. In addition, there are: landscape water treatment equipment, water park equipment, water park water treatment equipment. Swimming pool equipment specifically includes: circulating water pumps, quartz sand filters, diatomite filters, gravity filters, automatic dosing pumps, chlorine dioxide generators, ozone generators, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, water quality detectors, water treatment chemicals, etc. Various equipment, facilities, instruments and materials required for swimming pools.

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