Introduction to the use of stainless steel sand cylinders


The stainless steel sand cylinder has the advantages of convenient equipment installation, easy operation, and small backwashing water consumption. The Boying stainless steel sand tank filtration system is composed of multiple standard high-speed sand tank units, with unique water distributors and water collectors inside, and a unique two-way automatic flushing valve, which can achieve multiple standards in normal system operation. The high-speed sand tanks are individually backwashed one by one, fully automatic program control. The device has a large flow rate and requires no maintenance.

According to different user requirements, there are two series of vertical and horizontal. It is suitable for water quality treatment of industrial and civil circulating water systems. 1. Stainless steel quality assurance and service (1) The equipment and products provided by the supplier are guaranteed to be new and mature, with comprehensive technology and safe and reliable operation.

(2) Outside the warranty period, if the product is damaged and needs to be replaced, the supplier shall provide the product with the same specification at a preferential price. 2. Matters needing attention in the use of stainless steel sand cylinders (1) Install glass fiber reinforced plastic observation ports on the filter backwash pipe. (2) An automatic exhaust valve should be installed at the high point on the top of the filter, and a drain valve should be installed at the low point at the bottom.

(3) A pressure gauge should be installed on the inlet and outlet pipelines of the filter, and the direction of the pressure gauge should be easy to read. (4) The piping installation of the filter should be positioned flat and stable, and the installation direction of the valve handle should be easy to operate and arranged neatly. (5) The filter foundation shall be constructed according to the design drawing. The anchor bolts for stabilizing the equipment shall be firmly integrated with the concrete foundation. The pre-buried holes shall be cleaned before pouring, the bolts themselves shall not be skewed, and the mechanical strength shall meet the requirements; the concrete foundation shall A moisture barrier is required. (6) For the transportation of each filter, the transportation equipment should be decided according to its weight and size, combined with the construction conditions on site.

During installation, the rigging must be checked to be qualified, and the rope length of the sling should be consistent to prevent uneven force, deformation or damage to the tank body. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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