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Performance characteristics and precautions of side stainless steel sand cylinder


The working principle of the side-type filter sand tank is that when water flows through the filter layer from above, the solid suspended matter in the water enters the upper filter material to form tiny holes, which are absorbed and mechanically blocked by the surface layer of the filter material, and at the same time These intercepted suspended substances overlap and bridge again, as if a thin film is formed on the surface of the filter layer, which continues to filter the suspended substances in the water, which is the so-called membrane filtration of the surface layer of the filter material. Generally, a certain scale of quartz sand is placed in the side filter sand. The size and specification of the quartz sand are different within a certain range. In the sand tank, the quartz sand is arranged from top to bottom, from small to large. During normal filtration, the water is Enter from the upper layer of sand and come out from the lower layer. 1. Performance characteristics of side-type stainless steel sand cylinder (1) High filtration flow rate, which can reach 10-50m3/h/m2.

(2) Equipped with a barometer, a manual vent valve and a drain valve. (3) Quick cleaning, no loss of filter material, easy operation and maintenance, permanent sand tank, and effective service life of at least 50 years. (4) The unique water distributor and water collector form a balanced hydraulic flow, and the efficiency of the underdrain drainage system is high.

(5) Anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet UV, anti-oxidation O3, sunscreen, universal for sea and fresh water. (6) Made of stainless steel 304, the spherical structure makes the sand tank stronger. (7) High filtration precision, good quality of effluent, turbidity of effluent < 20um.

(8) The multi-way valve is convenient and simple to operate, and a transparent sewage pipe is provided to observe the clarity of the flushing water. (9) Bolts, nuts and various fasteners are made of stainless steel. 2. Product advantages of side stainless steel sand cylinder (1) Never rust.

(2) Fine workmanship and excellent surface finish. (3) The filter area is large, and there are medium-speed and high-speed models. (4) Patented design, more thorough filtration.

(5) More environmentally friendly, without any pollution to water quality and the environment. (6) Sturdy and durable, its service life is as long as 50 years, which is 10 times that of ordinary glass fiber sand tanks. (7) Special process, computer grinding and polishing.

(8) High brightness imported 304# stainless steel material. 3. Precautions for the use of side stainless steel sand cylinder (1) Check before starting up 1. Before starting up, the multi-way valve of the filter sand tank should be adjusted to the filtering state. 2. Check whether the corresponding valves on the pipeline are in the correct state.

3. Check whether the hair collector is blocked, if there is, it must be cleaned first; check whether there is air in it, if there is, the air must be drained first. 4. Check whether the tank cover is tight and air-tight. If there is air leakage, the tank cover must be tightened to make it air-tight. 5. Check whether the medicine solution pipe of each dosing system is normal and unblocked, whether there is still medicine in the medicine barrel, and whether the valve on the mouth of the dosing device has been opened to ensure that the dosing system is in a working state. Check whether there is accumulation in the main return water pipeline If there is air, it must be removed through the drain valve.

6. Start-up sequence: first turn on one water pump motor, and then turn on the water pumps in turn after the water pump motor runs normally, and the standby pump does not need to be turned on. (2) After starting up, check and record the pressure gauge index on the filter to check whether backwashing is necessary; check the operation of the water pump to see if it is running smoothly without noise; check whether the dosing systems are operating normally; Whether the water outlet is normal. Guangdong Boying Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of advanced water treatment integrating research and development, production and sales of stainless steel sand tanks and other products. The stainless steel sand tanks produced are of high quality and good use effect.

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