should you run pool filter while raining


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Should You Run Pool Filter While Raining?

When it starts raining, it's natural to wonder if you should run your pool filter or turn it off. This is a common question pool owners ask and one that needs to be answered to ensure that your pool stays clean and healthy. In this article, we'll discuss whether you should run your pool filter while it's raining or not. So, let's get started.

Why Is Pool Filtration Important?

Before we dive deep into whether or not you should run your pool filter while raining, let's first understand the importance of pool filtration. Pool filtration plays a crucial role in maintaining your pool's health and cleanliness. A pool filter removes contaminants like dirt, debris, dust, and bacteria from your pool's water, keeping it crystal clear and healthy.

Filtration also prevents algae growth, which can make your pool slippery and endanger swimmers. In short, pool filtration is a crucial aspect of pool maintenance.

Should You Run Your Pool Filter While It's Raining?

The short answer is yes; you should run your pool filter while it's raining. Rainwater brings with it a host of contaminants that can quickly accumulate in your pool if you don't run your filter. Here are some reasons why you should run your pool filter while it's raining:

Helps Remove Debris

Rainwater carries with it all kinds of debris, like small twigs, leaves, and dirt. These can quickly accumulate in your pool and make the water murky and uninviting. But if you run your pool filter while it's raining, it will actively remove the debris from your pool, keeping it clean and healthy.

Prevents Stagnant Water

Rainwater is not stagnant, and it might form puddles on the cover of your pool, which can cause bacteria and other pollutants to form. Running the pool filter would help move the water and prevent stagnation.

Maintains Good Water Chemistry

Running your pool filter while raining helps maintain good water chemistry by ensuring that the water is adequately filtered. Filtration helps in regulating the pH levels of your pool water, keeping the water sanitized and reducing the risk of harmful bacteria and pathogens growing in your pool.

Removes the Pollen

Rain can also cause pollen particles to become suspended in the air or wash it into your pool. The pollen may settle in your pool's water and creating an unattractive appearance. Running the pool's filter during rainy weather will help eliminate this contaminant from the water.

Helps Reduce Chlorine Loss

Rainwater can dilute the chlorine levels in your pool, making it less effective. But if you run your pool filter, you can help circulate the pool water, which will evenly distribute the chlorine and prevent the dilution from affecting the water.


Keeping your pool clean is a priority, no matter the weather. Rain can bring in all kinds of contaminants that can make your pool unattractive, and it's essential to ensure that your pool filter is running to keep your pool clean and healthy. Therefore, always run your pool filter while it's raining to keep your pool free of debris and bacteria. Lastly, don't forget to check your filter to ensure it's in proper working condition always.


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