Characteristics and Filtration Mode of Shallow Media Filtration System


The shallow media filtration system consists of one or more standard high-speed filtration units. The water flows through the internal water distributor and water collector. Using different media, it can effectively remove particulate matter and reduce turbidity. If equipped with specific filter materials, such as activated carbon, anthracite, etc., it can also absorb corresponding organic matter, ions, etc. Filter units are available in various specifications and can be installed in different ways.

The filter can be used as an independent filtration system, using the water supply pump in the existing process. If it is used as a side filter, it can also be equipped with a water supply pump alone, or multiple processing units can be installed on the public pipeline, so that the system can achieve infinite filtration. ability. Shallow media filtration system features: 1. High filtration speed, low pressure drop. 2. Thoroughly solve the problems of slow filtering speed and small flow rate of ordinary mechanical filters.

3. Modular setting, small footprint. 4. The floor area is reduced by more than 40%, and the amount of piping engineering is reduced by more than 50%. 5. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic backwashing options are available.

6. The backwash water source can be selected from the system, water tower or external water source, and can be switched automatically (on special request). Shallow media filtration system Filtration mode: Filtration state: Unfiltered water is evenly distributed through a unique water distributor developed by ourselves, and the water passes through the packing layer in the filter in a laminar flow state. When the water flows through the packing layer, impurities are retained In the packing layer, there are multiple evenly distributed water collectors at the bottom of the filter, which collect and lead out the filtered water evenly, and filter in advection, so that the filter can filter at a high flow rate and still achieve a better filtering effect . Backwash state: As impurities continue to accumulate in the packing layer, the internal pressure head loss will continue to increase.

When the loss of the inlet and outlet water pressure head reaches the set value or reaches the set time, the system will automatically activate the constant pressure difference device to switch to the backwashing state. It is easier to clean the accumulated impurities. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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