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Selection and Installation of UV Lamps


Ultraviolet disinfection is the most widely used in hospitals and water treatment, and it is the best way of disinfection. The effect of using 253.7nm ultraviolet sterilizing lamps is the best, from the original high-ozone type to the current low-ozone type. The quality of ultraviolet germicidal lamps directly affects the effect and quality of ultraviolet sterilization.

The structure of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is that the inside of the quartz tube is evacuated. The quartz tube has air bubbles, wire drawing, etc., which are inferior products. The quality of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp depends on the quality of the quartz tube, the lamp holder, and the quality of the filament. (1) Select the appropriate ultraviolet germicidal lamp. In the disinfection of hospital space, low-pressure mercury lamp ultraviolet germicidal lamps are generally used. The most used ones are 30W and 40W. In the disinfection cabinet, low-ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamps are generally used, 15W or 20W. That's it. H-type high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal amalgam lamps are generally used in ultraviolet sterilizers for water disinfection, ranging from 15W to 500 and 600W.

(2) Correct installation The installation position and irradiation distance of ultraviolet disinfection lamps are crucial to the sterilization effect. The ultraviolet lamps used for air disinfection can adopt vertical forward irradiation, reverse irradiation and side irradiation. Hoisting is to hoist the UV lamp at a height of 2.0±0.2 from the ceiling to the ground for vertical forward irradiation; use a liftable hoist for reverse irradiation of the UV lamp with a reflector or install it on a mobile lamp car for forward and reverse irradiation Irradiation; side installation is to mount the ultraviolet lamp on the wall for side irradiation. Regardless of the installation method, the distance between the lamp tubes must be kept uniform, so that the spatial radiation intensity is evenly distributed.

In the case of water sterilization and disinfection, due to the influence of water penetration rate, the distance between multiple lamps is generally very close, but the ultraviolet rays emitted by the ultraviolet lamps also interfere with each other, so the shortest distance between the two lamps should not exceed 4- 5cm. (3) Reaching the specified radiation intensity Indoor air disinfection requires the installation of ultraviolet lamps with an average power distribution of 1.5W/m3, that is, one 30W ultraviolet lamp per 20m3. Disinfection in water The ultraviolet sterilizer for drinking water generally treats drinking water at 15-20W to treat one ton of water per hour, and for sewage, it generally needs to be above 30W.

(4) Correct use and maintenance of ultraviolet disinfection air should first be irradiated for sufficient time and frequency, generally at room temperature, relative humidity 60%, irradiated for 30-60 minutes each time, and irradiated not less than 2 times a day or before each work . Ultraviolet disinfection is affected by relative humidity, dust in the air and dust on the surface of the lamp tube, so attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the surface of the lamp tube and the environmental conditions. Quartz tubes are prone to dust in water treatment, and they should be cleaned in time, otherwise the sterilization effect will be affected. When the service life is reached, new ultraviolet germicidal lamp tubes should be replaced in time to prevent incomplete sterilization and disinfection.

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