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What should I do if the sand in the sand tank flows into the swimming pool?


What should I do if the sand in the sand tank flows into the swimming pool? The sand tank in the swimming pool is a device used to filter pool water. It is filled with quartz sand. The quality of filtered water mainly depends on the role of quartz sand. But it was fine at first, but suddenly quartz sand flowed into the swimming pool. What happened? What should I do? There will be problems. You can check whether the joint is tightened. If there is no problem, check the octopus. Generally, this phenomenon is most likely due to the problem of the octopus.

If the octopus cracks, sand will enter the water from the gap and flow into the pool together. This also causes sand to flow into the pool. Then how to deal with the sand flowing into the swimming pool? First of all, the broken octopus should be replaced so that the sand will no longer flow into the swimming pool, and the missing sand should be replenished.

Quartz sand has various specifications, and the most common sand diameters are 1-2mm, 2-4mm and 4-8mm. When filling, you can choose the same specification as before. If there is too much outflow, you can choose to reload, and fill an appropriate amount of sand according to the size of the sand tank (it is not necessary to fill it up, just fill it with more than 2/3).

Then clean up the sand in the swimming pool. The sand must be removed as soon as possible, so as not to affect the swimmers, and it is not good to put it on the feet. To clean up the sand, a swimming pool suction machine is generally used.

Both automatic and manual suction machines are acceptable. To choose a sewage suction machine, you must first understand the size of the swimming pool, and then determine whether to use a small, neutral or large sewage suction machine according to the size. That is to determine the power, and then choose whether to use automatic or manual according to your budget and preference.

These machines can not only suck sand, but also clean hair, fine dust, etc. But the most important thing is to change the octopus. To prevent sand from flowing into the pool again.

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