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Development and application of reverse osmosis technology in pure water production process


At present, reverse osmosis equipment has been widely used in various fields such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, electric power, and daily drinking. Softened water equipment, separated water supply equipment, laboratory ultra-pure water equipment, iron and manganese removal devices, fluoride removal devices, sand filters, carbon filters and other water treatment equipment of various specifications and models. 1. The status quo of pure water preparation process and reverse osmosis technology Water treatment equipment accessories Hotel water treatment. In recent years, my country's water treatment industry, especially the professional process and equipment water for pure water preparation, has made great progress, which has promoted the development of food, pharmaceutical , chemical industry, electric power, life drinking and other fields, especially in recent years, the reverse osmosis process has been widely accepted by various industries. The main reasons for the rapid development of the industry: the improvement and improvement of the country's water quality standards for the industry has led to a rapid increase in the corresponding industry's requirements for water quality improvement, and the market demand is relatively strong; a large number of foreign membrane products have poured into the Chinese market, which has accelerated the maturity of domestic membrane technology. ; The national economy is growing at a high speed, and the purchasing power of enterprises is strengthening; the continuous expansion of the market and the reduction of production costs form a virtuous circle; the current application of reverse osmosis technology is developing rapidly, and the technology market is becoming more and more mature.

2. The application of reverse osmosis technology in various industries. The largest domestic market for producing pure water with reverse osmosis technology is the power industry. This industry enjoys the national priority development policy and has strong financial resources. The number and scale of its projects are not comparable to other industries , so that it becomes the largest user in the water treatment industry. The reverse osmosis process for steam boiler feed water treatment in thermal power plants has been widely accepted, and a large number of domestic equipment is used, with a good prospect. In the pharmaceutical industry, the National Pharmacopoeia adopts the distillation method for large infusions. The market for reverse osmosis technology in tablets, oral liquids and pre-distillation process water has been considerable. It has become a trend, and primary or secondary reverse osmosis technology has been widely used in the production process of bottled and barreled drinking pure water. Compared with household water purifiers and barrel bottled water production lines, the group's water purifiers also have a broad market space, and its development will provide more practical equipment for improving the drinking water environment of enterprises, institutions, schools and public places.

3. Current status of pure water production equipment Pure water production equipment is composed of a variety of process equipment, involving many basic industrial products such as basic materials, accessories, motors, and water pumps. The overall equipment level is also a microcosm of the domestic product level. The current characteristics of industry equipment are as follows: 3. 1. Domestic and foreign high-tech products represented by reverse osmosis membranes, pressure shells, and high-pressure pumps are widely used. Market competition mainly occurs not only between foreign products, but also among domestic companies. between. 3. 2. The main domestic supporting equipment represented by ultrafiltration, electrodialysis, fine filtration, microfiltration, etc., have steadily occupied most of the domestic market due to their advantages in performance, quality and price, which fully demonstrates my country's long-term investment in science and technology and its The unremitting efforts of relevant enterprises play a huge role in the process of developing national industry. 3.3. The overall quality and efficiency of main equipment such as reverse osmosis membrane in the complete set of equipment are generally improved.

3.4. It is common for domestic complete sets of equipment to pay attention to the main desalination equipment and ignore the pretreatment. This phenomenon also greatly reduces the overall design and operation level of the equipment, and affects the investment efficiency of the overall equipment. 3.5. Domestic water treatment equipment manufacturers compete fiercely in the middle and low-end equipment market. 4. Several views on the development of my country's pure water equipment 1) Vigorously support domestic reverse osmosis membrane module production enterprises, so that my country's membrane module production can occupy a place in the international market.

Attract international large-scale reverse osmosis membrane production enterprises to build factories in China to comprehensively promote the development of this industry. 2) The development of pure water production and the entire water treatment industry has provided good business opportunities for its supporting domestic small and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises. Relevant enterprises should produce or introduce high-level materials and accessories for the industry in a timely manner, so as to develop synchronously with the water treatment industry.

3) Manufacturers of complete sets of equipment should further improve the level of process design, improve the level of production and installation of equipment, and then improve the efficiency of equipment investment, reduce energy consumption, and improve the utilization rate of raw water. Qualified enterprises should aim at the international advanced level and improve their international competitiveness so as to drive the development of the whole industry. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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