Softened water equipment regeneration and daily maintenance


Water softener is also called softening water equipment. It mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions in water and prevents calcium and magnesium compounds from scaling in boilers and pipes. It is often used in boiler feed water treatment, circulating cooling water supply water treatment, chemical ingredients, food industry, washing Various industries such as chemical industry have a wide range of uses, but as commonly used and important water treatment equipment, daily maintenance is an important guarantee to prolong the service life of softened water equipment! The daily maintenance of softened water equipment should be done well, the maintenance of the equipment is mainly Maintenance during operation and maintenance after decommissioning. For the maintenance work during the operation of the softened water equipment, the following points are mainly done: 1. Ensure the stability of the input voltage and current to prevent the electric control device from burning. A sealed cover should be installed outside the electric control device to prevent moisture and water immersion.

Regularly add solid granular table salt to the salt tank (refined salt or iodized salt is strictly prohibited), and it is necessary to ensure that the salt solution in the salt tank is in a supersaturated state. When adding salt, be careful not to sprinkle solid granular salt into the salt well to prevent salt bridges from forming on the salt valve and blocking the salt suction pipeline. Since the solid granular table salt contains a certain amount of impurities, a large amount of impurities will deposit on the bottom of the salt tank and block the salt valve, so the impurities at the bottom of the salt tank should be cleaned regularly.

When cleaning, you can open the drain valve at the bottom of the salt tank and rinse it with clean water until no impurities flow out. The cleaning cycle of the salt tank should be determined according to the impurity content of the solid grain salt. 2. Regularly check the airtightness of the ejector and the salt suction pipeline to prevent air leakage from affecting the regeneration effect. 3. The water softener should be disassembled once a year, the impurities in the upper and lower water distributors and the quartz sand cushion should be cleaned, and the loss and exchange capacity of the resin should be checked, and the seriously aged resin should be replaced. The resin poisoned by iron can be recovered with hydrochloric acid solution .

For the outage maintenance of softened water equipment, the following signs are essential: Before the softened water equipment is out of service for a long time, the resin should be fully regenerated once, and the resin should be converted into sodium type for wet maintenance. When it is not used in summer, the water softener should be flushed at least once a month to prevent the resin from becoming moldy and agglomerated due to microorganisms in the exchange tank. If the resin is found to be moldy, it can be sterilized.

Generally, it is soaked in 1% formaldehyde solution for several hours, and then rinsed with water until there is no formaldehyde odor. Antifreeze measures should be taken to prevent the moisture in the resin from freezing and causing the resin to swell and crack. The resin can be stored in a saline solution, and the concentration of the saline should be prepared according to the temperature conditions. As softening water equipment, the commonly used softening tanks are made of stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastics. The glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks are shaped, and the feeding and discharging are controlled by the interface of the control valve, so it is very inconvenient for internal maintenance. The stainless steel water softener and the carbon steel rubber-lined water softener have a grand appearance, long service life, and strong pressure. The last thing is easy maintenance. The water softener designed by our company can be maintained without disassembling the control valve, which greatly facilitates customer replacement. The maintenance work such as filter material reduces the damage caused by dismantling the control valve, the loss caused by the damage of the pipeline and the joint, so it has been greatly promoted in the water treatment.

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