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Reasons for using swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment in swimming pools


The development and utilization of water resources in today's human society are divided into two categories: one is to take the required amount of water from water resources to meet the needs of people's life and industrial and agricultural production, and the quantity is consumed and the quality is changed. Another location returns to the water source. The other is to draw water energy (hydroelectric power), develop water transportation, aquatic products and water recreation, maintain ecological balance, etc. This kind of utilization does not need to divert water from water sources, but requires rivers, lakes, and estuaries to maintain a certain water level, flow and water quality. The important ways and main methods to solve the shortage of water resources are: 1) Reduce industrial water consumption and increase water reuse rate 2) Implement scientific irrigation to reduce agricultural water waste 3) Recycle urban sewage and open up a second water source according to the filtered water Theoretical analysis and filtration practice, the main factors affecting the filtration are as follows: 1. When the temperature is filtered, the temperature of the suspension is low, the viscosity is high, and the filtration speed is slow. The viscosity of the liquid is an exponential function of the temperature, which decreases significantly with the increase of the temperature. Raising the temperature is the simplest and most effective measure to reduce the viscosity, but if the temperature is too high, it is easy to oxidize the oil, and the crude oil filtration temperature generally does not exceed 70 degrees. 2. Operating pressure Most of the impurities in crude oil are incompressible impurities. Powerful, the filtration rate is also large. If the solid matter suspended in the oil is composed of colloidal matter, then as the pressure increases, the voids in the filter cake become smaller, the filtration resistance gradually increases, and the filtration speed decreases rapidly, so the pressure must be determined according to different situations. 3. The concentration of the suspension is high and the filter residue is large, which shortens the effective filtration time in each operation cycle of intermittent production and affects the output. For the operation of the continuous vacuum filter, the filter cake generated when the concentration is high is more uniform. And it is easy to clean up in time, and has little effect on the output. 4. Filter media and filter aids Therefore, when selecting water treatment equipment for swimming pools, you must pay attention to the following conditions for selection: 1. Ensure that the water flow in the pool is evenly distributed and there is no stagnant water. Eddy currents and rapid waters, thereby eliminating the hidden dangers of deteriorating water quality such as bacterial and algal blooms.

2. It is conducive to the timely renewal of the used pool water in the pool, and prevents the water surface from floating and the bottom of the pool from depositing dirt. 3. There are no short currents in the pool and inconsistent water flow speeds in each swimming lane, so as to ensure uniform water temperature and consistent residual chlorine in different water depths and various parts. 4. It is convenient for construction, installation, maintenance and management, and maintenance of water quality and sanitation.

Circulation mode of swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment Circulation when flowing: the whole circulating water enters the water from the two end walls of the swimming pool or the upper part of the two side walls, and returns the water from the bottom of the pool. The backwater outlet at the bottom can be used together with the drainage and sewage outlet, which can meet the requirement of uniform water distribution. However, the bottom of the pool is easy to deposit dirt, so attention should be paid to the determination of the position of the return port during design to prevent short flow.

Our country adopts this kind of circulation method more often, and the effect is relatively satisfactory. The water quality of the swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment system requires the water quality during the initial water supply and normal water replenishment of the swimming pool. Main water quality standards for drinking water Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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