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Reasons for choosing swimming pool water treatment equipment


Reasons for choosing swimming pool water treatment equipment: The maintenance of swimming pool water quality is a very important task. Pool water treatment equipment is an important method and means to maintain swimming pool water quality. The necessity of choosing swimming pool water treatment equipment is explained from the following aspects: Swimming pool water is recycled to save resources. Second, reduce the energy consumption of circulating electricity and heating up, and save energy. Third, reduce pollutant emissions and protect the environment.

Fourth, disinfection is thorough, safe and hygienic. Fifth, the operating cost is low, economical and applicable. Sixth, the design and structure of the equipment are reasonable and easy to maintain.

The fully automatic filter developed by Guangdong Boying Company has the following advantages: 1. The fully automatic filter adopts the method of water backwashing. If there are special requirements, surface washing facilities can be added or the method of combined air and water washing can be used; 2. When When using multiple filters to run at the same time, the fully automatic equipment can perform backwashing one by one to ensure the stability of the effluent water quality; 3. When using drinking water pipeline water for backwashing, an additional partitioned water tank should be installed. Swimming pool water treatment is not just filtration. Filtration is just one of the procedures. To recycle the entire swimming pool water, a complete system is needed. After the pool water is disinfected and purified, it is injected into the swimming pool again to form a system. Therefore, the swimming pool water treatment The choice of equipment needs to be selected according to actual needs, not blindly. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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