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Working process of quartz sand filter, manganese sand filter and activated carbon filter equipment


Filtration equipment is one of the most common and basic water treatment equipment. According to its function and filling filter material, it is divided into quartz sand filter, manganese sand filter, activated carbon filter and so on. So what is their working process? The working process of the filter equipment is basically an alternating cycle of filtration and backwashing. Filtration is a process in which suspended impurities in water are retained by the filter layer, and backwashing is a process in which suspended impurities trapped in the filter layer are removed.

(1) Filtration During filtration, the raw water flows through the filter material layer from top to bottom. After entering the filter layer, the water flows in the tortuous gap, and is intercepted or adsorbed by the filter material. In the end, only a small amount of tiny impurities remain in the water. The outlet pipe enters the follow-up equipment. (2) Backwashing The filter usually needs to be backwashed when the filter time, inlet and outlet pressure difference or outlet water turbidity reach a certain set value. The purpose of backwashing is to remove the suspended particles adsorbed and trapped on the saturated filter layer, and restore the filtration capacity of the filter material.

Relying on the scouring effect of water force and the scrubbing effect generated by the mutual friction and collision between particles, the suspended solids fall off from the surface of the filter material particles and are carried out of the filter by the backwash water flow. Because the direction of water flow is opposite to the direction of downward filtration, it is called backwashing. Backwashing usually includes water washing and combined water and air cleaning.

During water-air combined cleaning, water and air enter from the bottom of the filter layer alternately or simultaneously, and the air bubbles pass through and rise in the gaps of the filter layer, causing the pores to expand and contract, the filter material particles to rise and fall, rotate and collide, and the sludge to fall off. The combined cleaning effect of water and air is significantly better than that of water washing. (3) Positive washing After backwashing, water is fed from the top of the filter layer to wash the residual dirt inside the filter material, and the sewage is discharged from the bottom.

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