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Boying analyzes the causes of swimming pool pollution


The safety of swimming pool water quality is a problem that swimming pool operators cannot ignore. The safety problems of swimming pool water quality can basically be divided into two types: organic pollution and inorganic pollution. Among them, inorganic pollution is the main reason for the color of water quality. For example, iron will make water yellow, manganese will make water black, etc. When the conditions meet the standards, if the water quality is turbid and has a pungent smell, it can be attributed to the organic matter making troubles. For example, fat will cause the transparency of the circulating water treatment of the swimming pool to decrease, etc.

For open-air swimming pools, when the sun is in direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays have the greatest effect. The disinfectant in the pool water is decomposed by light, and the stronger the sunlight, the faster the decomposition speed. Adequate shading and the use of chlorine-stabilized disinfectants are recommended. The molecule in the preparation has a conjugated group, which gradually decomposes in water to release hypochlorous acid, and the remaining cyanurate has a stabilizing effect on the available chlorine in water.

At present, swimming pools in Europe, America, Japan and other countries are basically used as disinfectants. In recent years, quite a few swimming pools in our country have been used as disinfectants, and the effect is obvious. Impact on swimmers: The number of swimmers increases sharply in hot weather. The unhygienic behavior of swimmers, such as urinating in the pool, sweat and other secretions, and fungi carried by human epidermis, will also reduce the residual chlorine.

Suggestion: Strengthen swimmers' awareness of hygiene, and take a mandatory shower before entering the pool. At present, most of the disinfectants used in swimming pools are chlorine-containing disinfectants, such as liquid chlorine, bleaching powder, bleaching water, and trichloroisocyanuric acid. After various chlorine-containing disinfectants are put into swimming pool water, they will undergo chemical reactions to form Those with sterilization and disinfection ability will gradually lose their effectiveness due to instability and the influence of various external conditions. The detectable sign is the decrease of residual chlorine. The water quality of the swimming pool should be checked regularly according to the operating conditions of the swimming pool to ensure the safety of the swimming pool water quality.

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