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Introduction of ozone generator for swimming pool water treatment equipment


The ozone generator in the pool water treatment equipment is installed in the ozone kit to the existing swimming pool or spa filtration pipeline. There are several basic plans for an ozone generator, but they all pass through a small tube that writes ozone gas into the pool. The concentration of ozone gas is the strongest at the point of entry for useful purification.

Regarding swimming pool water treatment equipment, ozone systems are not actually "chemical free" because you will still need to maintain a very low residual chlorine level in the pool water. This is usually only about 20% when using ozone, not as much chlorine. The two fundamental types of ozone generators are ultraviolet (UV) and corona discharge (CD).

Ultraviolet systems use a fluorescent lamp to create the sun's ozone over the earth. Units are created using an internal arc ozone generator, like lightning (fresh smell after a storm). Ozone is the strongest oxidizer and can be used in swimming pools or spas, but in most cases you will need to supplement it with chlorine.

So, what is ozone in swimming pool water treatment? Ozone has been around since the beginning. Also known as triatomic oxygen, ozone is made up of the three oxygen atoms that make up the oxygen molecule breaking up and rejoining the molecule. There appears to be an ever-widening hole in the ozone layer in the stratosphere over Antarctica, a thick layer of triatomic oxygen 6 miles away.

The ozone molecule is a very strong oxidizing agent and disinfectant. It blows up anything it touches, faster and more usefully than anything else. At the end of the sanitation, perhaps if no ozone oxidation is found, it returns to molecular oxygen (2 oxygen atoms).

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