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Installation requirements for swimming pool water treatment equipment


The swimming pool water purification treatment system project belongs to the category of building water supply and drainage engineering. According to the relevant regulations of water supply and drainage engineering, it can be used as an independent sub-project. The editor will introduce the swimming pool water treatment equipment--ozone reaction tank and filter installation. Require. Ozone reaction tank installation requirements: 1. Before installation, you should be familiar with the equipment installation instructions and precautions, and check whether the equipment is complete and intact. 2. Check whether the foundation strength, position, size, elevation and flatness of the equipment meet the design requirements.

3. The materials and specifications of the pipelines for transporting ozone gas, ozone injectors, booster pumps, etc. should meet the requirements of the design or bidding documents, and their interconnections should be tight and reliable, without leakage, and should have different marks. 4. The material and connection of the electrical circuit shall comply with the relevant standards and specifications of the relevant electrical engineering. Filter construction requirements: 1. Before installation, check the appearance and internal accessories of the equipment to ensure that the accessories are complete, the specifications meet the requirements of the design documents, and the accessories are firmly fixed to each other.

2. The strength grade, size, elevation and position of the concrete base of the equipment meet the design requirements, and the surface is smooth. 3. The installation coordinates, elevation and verticality of static equipment such as filters and ozone-water contact reaction tanks are checked by means of wire drawing or ruler measurement. The allowable deviation of the coordinates is 15mm, and the allowable deviation of the elevation is ±5mm. Permissible deviation of verticality is ±2mm/m. 4. Valves and instruments on filters and other equipment, and observation windows on backwash drain pipes or short water flow pipes should be easy to operate and observe.

5. The equipment function control parts, accessories and equipment body should be assembled and installed tightly without leakage. The dial diameter of the pressure gauge should be 150mm. The pressure limit value on the dial is 1.0MPa, and the scale score is 0.01MPa.

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