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Daily maintenance and maintenance methods of swimming pool sand tank


During the operation and maintenance of the swimming pool filter sand tank, it is necessary to operate according to the following requirements: 1. The pressure gauge connection nozzle and the observation window should be cleaned once a month, and the working condition of the exhaust valve should be checked; 2. Every three months should be checked 3. Open the manhole once a year to check the corrosion of the contact surface between the filter medium and the filter and the quality of the sand layer, and add new filter materials to the design Height; 4. As the normal filtration time increases, the filter cake will gradually thicken and the filtration resistance will gradually increase. The intuitive performance is that the pressure gauge reading of the filter increases. When the pressure increases to 30% of the normal pressure (for example, the normal pressure is 1.0kg/cm²; when the pressure reaches 1.3kg/cm²), the filter needs to be cleaned. Push the handle on the cylinder head controller to flush backwards, the water flow enters from the filter main pipe, and is discharged through the filter pipe at the bottom of the cylinder. The water flow rises from the bottom to discharge the dirt in the sand layer, and then push the controller to clean The dirt in the pipe is discharged from the sand tank.

After about half a minute to 1 minute, push the handle to resume normal filtration. (Note: When changing the control position of the valve or cylinder head, the power of the water pump must be turned off first.) When performing backwashing, the following items need to be paid attention to: ①The time of backwashing is generally selected after each session or after the opening of the day. It cannot be carried out during the open period; ②When there are multiple filters in the swimming pool, they should be carried out one by one, and backwashing of 2 or more filters is not allowed at the same time; ③Backwashing must control the speed and time of backwashing, and the backwashing time Wait for 5-6 minutes or observe the backwashed water until there is no suspended matter in it.

When the system pressure still cannot be effectively reduced after backwashing, it means that the quartz sand has hardened. Open the sand tank, mechanically stir the filter material layer, and soak for 4 hours with a weakly alkaline sodium bicarbonate (sodium carbonate) saturated solution , and then blowdown, backwash, if the effect is still not good, you need to replace the filter material. In the process of replacing the quartz sand, care should be taken to protect the filter tube to prevent damage and sand run-off. After replacing the quartz sand, the follow-up operation is the same as a newly installed sand tank.

If the equipment will not be used for an extended period of time, please leave the sand tank empty. So how to maintain it to make the swimming pool sand tank last longer? Let's take a look at the maintenance method of the sand cylinder: the structure of the sand cylinder is tight, the quality is excellent, and it can be used for a long time. Generally, it is not a problem for more than ten years, and it can even be used for a longer time. 1. The swimming pool sand tank must be used normally, which means that the circulation system must be used normally.

Some swimming pools don't pay much attention to this, and the circulation system is left there as a decoration, and it will not be turned on once every half a year or a year. This is not only irresponsible for water quality, but also unfavorable to the circulation system. If it is idle for too long, it will cause problems with parts. For example, if the house is idle for too long, it will be easily damaged, and the circulation system will be prone to failure if it is idle for too long. 2. Regular inspection, that is, regularly check whether the circulation system can be used normally, whether there is water leakage, sand leakage or other problems, whether the components are aging or malfunctioning, and if so, it must be repaired in time.

3. Regular cleaning, the filter system has been used for a long time, a lot of impurities, grease and other dirt will accumulate in the sand tank and pipeline. If these things accumulate and get blocked inside, it will affect the filtering effect of the system and even make the water quality worse. Therefore, in addition to regular backwashing, decontamination and cleaning should be carried out every six months or a year.

These stubborn stains should be cleaned with professional cleaners and professional methods. Use sand tank cleaning agent for the sand tank, fill the sand tank with water, pour it into the sand tank cleaning agent and soak for about 24 hours, and then backwash. 4. Regular replacement of quartz sand, quartz sand filtration is the most important step in water purification.

Quartz sand is very important. These sands have a relatively long service life and can be used for several years with normal maintenance. However, the quartz sand needs to be replaced at least once every three years or so.

Due to long-term work, the sand’s ability to absorb dust will be weakened. A large amount of oil and impurities will cause large-scale agglomeration of the sand, and the filtering effect will be reduced or even lost. Therefore, the quartz sand must be replaced every 3 years. Guangdong Boying Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national-level water treatment high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's products are mainly used in swimming pool spa systems, water park water treatment systems, purification and pure water systems, HVAC Water system, sewage system, reclaimed water reuse system, building water supply and drainage system, etc. Boying is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the national water treatment industry, providing customers with higher-tech, safer and more reliable products and perfect services, and contributing to my country's environmental protection and energy.

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