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How to change the sand in the swimming pool filter sand tank


The service life of traditional swimming pool filter equipment - swimming pool filter sand tank and swimming pool filter sand tank is generally 1-2 years. The service life of swimming pool filter sand tank is not as long as that of gravity filter equipment. Gravity filter equipment does not need to change water all year round. Just add some water in moderation. If you are using a traditional swimming pool filter sand tank, Poying will teach you how to change the sand in the swimming pool filter sand tank. 1. Select quartz sand: The sand used for filtering the sand tank is quartz sand, and the shape of quartz sand is a regular hexahedron with eight corners.

2. Open the sand filter tank and clean up the original sand and dirt. 3. Stacking of quartz sand: In the stacking of quartz sand in the sand tank, there will be gaps between the edges and corners of each quartz sand. These gaps allow water to pass through smoothly, but impurities larger than the gaps cannot pass through, so that it can play a purifying role.

The size of the gap determines the filtration accuracy of the sand tank. When the gap is small, the filtration accuracy is higher, but if the gap is too small, the water output of the entire sand layer will be reduced, thereby affecting the water output of the sand tank. Therefore, the gap between the quartz sand determines the filtering effect, and the size of the quartz sand and the integrity of the quartz sand directly determine the size of the quartz sand gap. Therefore, it can be known that the size of the British sand and the integrity of the quartz sand are the most important factors for the filtration of the sand tank.

4. After the sand is paved, install the filter sand tank and pay attention to check the tightness. Working principle of swimming pool filter sand tank: Water is absorbed by the main drainage pipe at the bottom of the pool, and is sent to the water pump through different branch pipes, and then sent to the sand tank by the water pump, and the filtered water is sent into the pool through the return port. These water return ports are all installed on the other side of the main drain pipe. Once the water enters the sand tank and circulates downward through the silica sand, the suspended particles are intercepted.

The sand in the sand tank must be cleaned regularly to remove residual dirt, and the residual particles are flushed into the drain by backwashing. With these principles in mind, the following installation and operation instructions will be no problem. Matters needing attention in changing the sand in the swimming pool filter sand tank: 1. Before changing the sand and carbon, use impermeable things such as plastic to completely cover the electrical components that are close to the sand tank and carbon tank before the pump, so as to prevent water from entering the pump and causing damage. burn out the pump.

2. When filling sand carbon, the center tube should be sealed with raw tape to prevent sand carbon from entering the center tube. 3. When cleaning the sand carbon, it is necessary to wash it first and then backwash it. When backwashing, pay attention to observe the pressure gauge. If the pressure exceeds 3kg during backwashing, it should be turned to the front washing immediately. 4. The filling volume of sand carbon should not exceed 70% of the total volume, so that there is space for backwashing.

5. Generally, the raw water should be cleaned without pumping, and the pressure of tap water is not enough to clean it, unless the raw water pressure is very high. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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