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Small knowledge of swimming pool filter sand tank maintenance


Determination of the critical point of backwashing: There is no uniform standard to define the pressure of this critical point in Pa, because the flow parameter of the filter sand tank is not exactly one of its parameters. Because it's just a container. It's like the size of the bowl has no direct relationship with how much a person eats (of course, if the flow rate is large enough and the sand filter tank is small enough, it will create greater resistance to the overall water flow, which will increase the energy efficiency of the pump and waste energy).

The main factors that determine the flow rate are the flow rate and pressure of the pump. The water flow rate of the filter sand tank is directly related to the flow rate of the front-end water pump. At the same time, the material of the filter material, the thickness of the sand layer, the thickness of the pipe, etc. can also affect the flow.

Therefore, the determination of the backwash critical point depends entirely on the operator's experience. Either according to the pressure, backwash after reaching a certain pressure, or on this basis, after comparing the cycle of each backwash, backwash can be performed according to the time period. About replacing the filter material: Generally, the quartz sand filter material does not need to be replaced.

Because it basically does not react with the filtered object. However, if the filter sand tank uses activated carbon as the filter material, the activated carbon will be saturated with iodine value after a period of adsorption, and needs to be replaced in time. Conversion of connecting pipe fittings for filter sand cylinders: All filter sand cylinders produced by Guangdong Boying are equipped with a set of metric and imperial PVC joints to meet the needs of customers in different regions.

If the union on the sand cylinder head does not match the pipe fittings of the external circulation, it can be changed by using a straight-through reducer. When performing various operations on the filter sand tank, care should be taken to ensure that the operation is carried out when the water pump is stopped. Do not press down the handle with too much force, so as not to break the handle.

The three pipes (water inlet, water outlet, and sewage) coming out of the filter sand tank should also be supported and fixed by brackets to prevent the weight of the pipe from increasing and falling when the water is flowing, which will cause the angle between the pipe and the joint to change, so that the joint at the joint will Unable to withstand excessive torque and rupture. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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