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Precautions for swimming pool equipment installation


With the construction of more and more swimming pools, do you know about the selection and after-sales service of swimming pool water treatment equipment? Swimming pool filter equipment - what matters should be paid attention to for new energy-saving gravity water treatment equipment? Precautions for installing swimming pool filter sand tank: Installation: The sand tank should be installed as close to the swimming pool as possible, preferably 0.5m below the pool surface. Make sure there is drainage in the place where the sand tank is installed. Important: Do not use cast iron pipe or hemp fiber pipe to connect the valve block, you must use plastic equipment and Teflon tape, the pipe head can be threaded or installed 1.5 to 2 inches of water supply pipe as a compensation. Amount of sand loading: In order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the sand tank, 0.5~0.7mm, such as grain-sized quartz sand should be used as the filter medium. These quartz sand must meet the specified standards, and then operate as follows; 1. When the sand tank is installed , the connecting pipe is also installed and sanded; 2. Remove the cover and joint; 3. Pour sand that meets the requirements; 4. Clear the sundries on the cover and joint; 5. Install the cover.

Precautions for installing gravity filter equipment: 1. Before installation of swimming pool equipment and supporting facilities, the concrete strength level, position, size, strength and flatness of the foundation should be checked, and they should meet the design requirements. 2. The machinery and ropes used for on-site transportation and hoisting of swimming pool equipment and supporting facilities should have sufficient strength, and the equipment should be properly protected during the handling process without damage. For the parts that have been equipped and adjusted in the factory, they must not be disassembled and transported at will.

3. Swimming pool equipment and supporting facilities should be in place, aligned and fixed according to the design drawings and installation instructions, and the installation accuracy should meet the requirements. 4. The construction and installation of electrical equipment should comply with the current national standards "General Specifications for Construction and Acceptance of Electromechanical Equipment Installation Engineering" GB 50231, "Low-voltage Electrical Appliances for Electrical Installation Engineering Are Public and Acceptance Specifications" GB 50254 and "Electrical Installation Engineering 1kV and The following wiring engineering construction and acceptance specification "GB 50258 regulations. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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