Performance characteristics of multi-core self-cleaning filter


1. Electric drive, strong system pressure capacity. 2.

High-precision differential pressure control design, time control, and manual control cleaning. 3. Overcoming many shortcomings of traditional filtration products, such as small dirt holding capacity, easy to be blocked by dirt, filtration part needs to be disassembled for cleaning and unable to monitor the filter status, etc.

, the electric sucking automatic cleaning filter has a special filter unit structure design, which is sturdy and durable. The filtration precision is optional from 100 to 3000 microns, the filtration area is large, and the dirt holding capacity is high. Users can customize it according to the actual situation.

4. The unique cleaning design realizes low load, low water head and uniform sewage discharge. Suck-type cleaning, the cleaning method is simple, with the function of filtering the raw water and automatically cleaning the filter element.

And the cleaning cycle is electronically monitored, which can realize automatic cleaning and sewage. 5. After two consecutive cleanings, the motor runs alternately in forward and reverse rotation, so that the stainless steel shaft has a longer life.

6. Equipped with motor overload protection, which can effectively protect the motor. 7.

The time interval between two cleanings is long, and it has the characteristics of uninterrupted water supply when cleaning and discharging, and the cleaning time is short, and the water consumption of sewage is small. 8. The disassembly, installation and maintenance are simple and easy to operate.

9. The direction of the panel of the electric control box can be adjusted at will to meet user requirements. The user-friendly design of the control and display interface makes the operation very simple and requires no professional operation guidance.

10. The connection method with the user pipeline is flange connection, and the flange adopts the national standard flange, which has strong versatility. Poolking.

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