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Over-flow UV sterilizer features


Features of over-flow ultraviolet sterilizer: 1. Shell material: stainless steel The reaction chamber is made of imported thickened 304 stainless steel or 316L material, which is the raw material of the domestic large stainless steel pipe factory, and the material is guaranteed. 2. Processing technology: Fully automatic welding, all teeth are welded smoothly without dead angle after punching and stretching, and the inner and outer polished high-brightness cavity greatly enhances the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and enhances the sterilization effect. Thickened cavity design, pressure up to 0.8Mpa, factory strict air pressure and water pressure test, completely eliminate water leakage.

3. Ultraviolet lamp tube: It adopts low-pressure high-intensity mercury lamps imported from Europe and America, and its service life is as long as 9000-13000 hours. The supporting high-efficiency electronic ballast further enhances the life and effect of the whole set of sterilizers, making the whole set of sterilization rate as high as 99.99%. 4. Electronic ballast: integrated design with ABS plastic shell, equipped with special single-ended four-pin lamp quick interface, wide voltage design, with preheating start, abnormal protection against electromagnetic interference, fault alarm display function, with fixing holes bit. 5. Quartz casing: imported high-purity quartz raw material, single-ended open structure, good sealing.

6. Sealing ring: The trapezoidal structure made of food-grade transparent silica gel and a special mold replaces the O-ring to prevent water leakage caused by improper installation. 7. Product specifications: the flow rate is from 0.1T/H-500T/H, which can meet the needs of different water consumption. The stainless steel shell of the sterilizer is guaranteed for ten years, and other accessories are guaranteed for one year, and they can be replaced unconditionally within one year (except for damage or human factors and force majeure factors).

8. Design standard: The system design adopts the US NSF55 "ultraviolet microbial water treatment equipment" standard and the national drinking water ultraviolet sterilizer industry standard CJ/T204-2000. Boying's main products include over-flow ultraviolet sterilizers, hair collectors, sand tank filters, ozone reaction tanks, HVAC water systems, etc. Boying is committed to becoming an expert in water systems and providing users with high-tech, high-safety solutions. ,Perfect Service. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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