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Instructions for using stainless steel filter


1. Before using the stainless steel filter, you must check whether the accessories and sealing ring are complete and whether they are damaged, and then install it as required. 2. The new filter must be cleaned with detergent (please do not use acid to clean it). After cleaning, use high-temperature steam to sterilize and disinfect. The cleaned filter should be put away to avoid contamination. 3. When installing the filter, do not connect the inlet and outlet reversely. The mouth on the bottom plate of the pipe filter is the liquid inlet, and the pipe connected to the filter element socket is the clean liquid outlet.

4. The new filter element is packaged by the manufacturer in a plastic bag in a clean production workshop. Do not tear the plastic packaging. The filter element with higher requirements must be sterilized by high-temperature steam after installation. 5. When the filter element is inserted into the port, the filter element must be vertical. After inserting the port, the pressure plate buckles the fin at the tip and tightens the screw. After the inlet of the filter element of the 226 interface, it should be rotated 90 degrees and clamped tightly. This is the key to the installation. If you are not careful, the seal will not be achieved, and it will leak easily, which will not meet your use requirements.

6. When the filtered liquid enters, the air release switch on the filter should be turned on to let the liquid fill the cylinder, otherwise the filtering effect will not be good. 7. The pressure gauge of the cylinder is a liquid pressure display gauge. If it is a secondary filter, it is normal that the pressure gauge index of the first filter is slightly less. The longer the use time, the pressure of them will increase and the flow rate will decrease, which means Most of the filter element gaps have been blocked, and the filter element needs to be flushed or replaced with a new one. If you choose a stainless steel filter, come to Boying Environmental Protection. The quality is good and the specifications are complete. Welcome to inquire! Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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