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Precautions for cleaning the quartz sand cylinder


1. First of all, we need to understand the principle of swimming pool water filtration. The filter of the swimming pool circulation system is the sand tank, and the filter material filled in it is quartz sand. Quartz sand itself has the remarkable advantages of high strength, long life, large amount of treated water and stable and reliable effluent quality, and can remove suspended solids, colloids, sediment, rust and other impurities in water.

2. The swimming pool water flows into the sand tank from the upper end of the sand tank and is filtered through the quartz sand. The impurities and dirt in it are trapped in the sand tank by the interception and adsorption of the quartz sand, and are adsorbed on the surface of the quartz sand. Clean water is returned to the pool for use through a pipe at the bottom of the sand tank. 3. Since the filtered dirt and impurities are mostly adsorbed on the surface of the quartz sand, over time, the surface of the sand will be wrapped by impurities and gradually thicken. When the wrapped impurities accumulate to a certain amount, it will affect the filtration speed of the water flow and cause The water purification ability of quartz sand is gradually weakened, and the water filter is not clean. 4. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the quartz sand at regular intervals to remove impurities on its surface and restore its water purification ability.

5. The process of cleaning quartz sand is to backwash the sand tank. 6. Use a special sand tank cleaning agent to clean it, and then filter it to restore high efficiency. The general cleaning frequency is half a year or once a year, and it can also be determined according to the situation.

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