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Iron and manganese filter manufacturers


Our company is a manufacturer of iron and manganese removal filters. It adopts advanced process design and treatment technology to effectively remove iron and manganese ions in water, so as to meet the requirements of decolorization and deodorization to ensure that the effluent is qualified. When the groundwater containing iron and manganese flows through the filter equipment for removing iron and manganese, the pretreatment aeration device and the added oxidant have already made the iron (manganese) ions in the water start to oxidize, and then when it flows through the manganese sand filter layer , and further contact oxidation reaction will occur. In this way, under the biochemical action of water on the surface of the filter material and the multi-layer filtration of physical interception and adsorption, the iron and manganese ions in the water will be precipitated step by step so that they are completely absorbed and removed. Application fields of iron and manganese filter 1. Food and beverage industry; 2. Washing and dyeing of fiber fabrics and papermaking; 3. Manufacture of rayon, film dye, barium paper and other chemicals; 4. Fiber, dyeing, Photographic film, starch, brewing industry; 5. Removal of corrosive impurities in steam condensed water-iron.

Product features of iron and manganese removal filter 1. The unique multi-chamber structure can realize online backwashing (filtering, sewage discharge and backwashing at the same time). 2. Power saving: the outlet water is directly supplied to the pipe network, no need to set up another secondary water supply system; it has its own backwash function, no need to set up another backwash water pump. 3. Water saving: This equipment adopts "plum blossom type water distributor" to shorten the distance between the filter layer and the water distribution pipe, which can save a lot of backwash water.

Technical parameters of iron and manganese filter 1. Treatment effect: ①. Iron content: ≤0.3mg/L; ②. Manganese content: ≤0.1mg/L; ③. Effluent turbidity:<3FTU. 2. Influent water requirements: ①. Iron content: ≤20mg/L; ②. Manganese content: ≤3mg/L; ③. Influent turbidity:<20FTU; ④.Alkalinity: ≤2mg/L; ⑤.pH value:>6.0 (when removing iron),>7.5 (when removing manganese). 3. Working environment parameters ①.Working temperature: 5-60°C (special temperature can be customized); ②.Working pressure: ≤0.6MPa.

4. Operating parameters ①. Working mode: pressure type; ②. Operating mode: water flow from top to bottom, in series (high iron and manganese content) or parallel connection; 5-8m/h (when manganese is removed); ④. Operation cycle: depends on the quality of raw water, the minimum is not less than 8 hours; ⑤. Backwashing method: water washing, or air-water combined backwashing; -15min; ⑦. Backwash water consumption: 1-3%; Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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